Michel Lorio's Cross by Hesba Stretton.


Mont St. Michel is a granite rock formation off the coast of Normandy, France. Michel Lorio was a lonely Protestant that lived in the isolated Catholic community. Few residents greeted, or bothered with him at all. He found a friendship with the daring and spirited Delphine , that was carried on stealthily. Then the situation called for a hero . . .—Curiosmith (2010)

"Tersely and touchingly written."—Edinburgh Courant. (1877)

"Illustrated with her accustomed dramatic power."—Scotsman. (1877)


  • Chapter 1 — Along The Causeway
  • Chapter 2 —  Delphine And Her Friend
  • Chapter 3 — "Thy Little One Is Lost On The Sands"
  • Chapter 4 — Racing The Tide


  • Michel Lorio — a protestant among Catholics.
  • Delphine — a Catholic girl who liked Michel.

Important Scripture:

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.—Luke 19:10. (KJV)

Excerpt from Michel Lorio's Cross:

"This is my cross, Delphine. I understand it better now. He loved us and gave Himself for us. Tell them, tomorrow, what I say to thee. I am as safe as thou art, tranquil and happy."