A Man of His Word by Hesba Stretton.


Christmas Williams was well respected in his town, but he despised the new prayer meetings, psalm-singing and talk of a Savior. When Christmas' daughter, Easter, believed in Jesus as her Savior he threw her out of the house and promised never to talk with her again. She became married and had a son, but he kept his word and did not speak to them. The story continues and Christmas must be a "man of his word." When "keeping his word" becomes hypocritical, pride and reputation are seen for what they are in God's sight.—Curiosmith (2014)

Excerpt from A Man of His Word:

"‘A man can't be true,' says Christmas, ‘until he is true towards God. I prided myself upon being a man of my word, and meaning all I said, though I spoke a lie every time I said, "I believe." I didn't believe in God, nor in Jesus Christ our Lord, nor in having any sins to be forgiven. A man must be made true in the darkest corners of his heart before he can be a man of his word.'"


  • Chapter 1 — His Only Child
  • Chapter 2 — "Cast Out"
  • Chapter 3 — His Grandson
  • Chapter 4 — His Own Way
  • Chapter 5 — A Critical Moment
  • Chapter 6 — A True Man


  • Christmas Williams — a man of his word.
  • Easter Williams — the daughter.
  • Chrissie — Easter William's son.
  • Widow Evan's Son — the man Easter married.
  • Widow Evans — the mother in law of Easter.
  • The Old Rector — only a knowledge of true faith.
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