Jessica's Mother by Hesba Stretton.


The sequel to Jessica's First Prayer. Daniel, Jessica and the minister were at the church when a tragedy unfolded. Afterwards, Jessica's mother is discovered on Daniel's doorstep and demands Jessica. Daniel grows spiritually closer to God as he seeks to know how Jesus might respond. The story challenges one to evaluate how to treat a person in need when confronted in your own home.—Curiosmith (2010)

Excerpt from Jessica's Mother:

"'Couldn't we pray to God,' suggested Jessica, again, 'now, before we go on any farther?'
'Maybe it would be the best thing to do,' agreed Daniel, rising from his chair and kneeling down with Jessica beside him. At first he attempted to pray like some of the church-members at the weekly prayer meeting, in set and formal phrases; but he felt that if he wished to obtain any real blessing he must ask for it in simple and childlike words, as if speaking face to face with his Heavenly Father; and this was the prayer he made, after freeing himself from the ceremonial etiquette of the prayer meetings:
'Lord, thou knowest that Jessica's mother is come back, and what a drunken and disorderly woman she is, and we don't know what to do with her, and the minister cannot give us his advice. Sometimes I'm afraid I love my money too much yet, but, Lord, if it's that, or anything else that's hard in my heart, so as to hinder me from doing what the Savior, Jesus Christ, would do if he was in my place, I pray thee to take it away, and make me see clearly what my Christian duty is. Dear Lord, I beseech thee keep both me and Jessica from evil.'"


  • Chapter 1 — Great Plans
  • Chapter 2 — It's Only a Stroke
  • Chapter 3 — Jessica's Mother
  • Chapter 4 — Jessica's Choice
  • Chapter 5 — How a Christian Ought to Act
  • Chapter 6 — Daniel's Prayer
  • Chapter 7 — A Busy Day for Daniel
  • Chapter 8 — Hopes of Recovery
  • Chapter 9 — The Gate of Death
  • Chapter 10 — Speak of His Love


  • Jessica —little girl with a spiritual awakening.
  • Daniel Standring— chapel-keeper.
  • Minister — the main minister in the church.
  • Jessica's Mother — an absent mother who has come back.
  • Miss Winny — the minister's daughter.
  • Miss Jane — the minister's daughter.