The Storm of Life
The Storm of Life by Hesba Stretton.


Rachel Trevor was released from prison and went looking for her child, Rosy, at the workhouse. They were desolate and cold as they searched for food and work, and had no luck. A chimney sweep took them in and offered domestic employment. When they met Rachel's husband accidentally, she did not want to fall back in her old wicked ways with him, but she must be his wife. She showed unusual strength while she tried to resist evil. The story is an encouraging message of hope that God sees us in the midst of severe trials. An important quote is "Christ loves me, God loves me. Thou God seest me."-Curiosmith (2014)

Another little volume from a pen which has at its command such marvellous pathos and tenderness.—Christian World (1877).

The beauty and pathos of the story is very great.—Guardian (1879).

Will certainly be read with increasing interest.—Rock (1879)

 Important quote:
"Christ loves me, God loves me. Thou God seest me."

Important excerpt:
"Remember that Christ, my Lord, came to seek and save those that are lost. You know you are lost; He is seeking you, and He will save you. Keep in mind that He is always at your side; a friend that will grieve and morn over you more than I should, if you fall again into sin. He died to set you free from sin, and to open the gates of heaven for you. My poor Rachel can you sin with your Savior's eyes looking on?"

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