Hesba Stretton cared much for the disadvantaged and the oppressed. She wrote fiction that described social issues, but she also wrote many nonfiction articles that appeared in periodicals.

  1. "The British Pompeii," Chambers's Journal, 1859, p. 148-151. A travel article about the buried British city of Wroxeter.
  2. "Manchester Free Libraries," Chambers's Journal, June 2, 1860, p. 340-342. A visit to Chetham Library and Campfield Library of Manchester.
  3. "The Travelling Post-office," Chambers Journal, July 20, 1861, p. 44-47. A report on railway mail-service.
  4. "Aboard an Emigrant Ship," All The Year Round, 1862, p. 111-115. This is an investigative report of an emigrant ship leaving Liverpool, England, for Australia.
  5. "The Blackburn Sewing Schools," Temple Bar, 1863, p. 339-48. This is an investigative report of a visit to a sewing school for employing young women out of work.
  6. "A Summer Day on the Wrekin," The Leisure Hour, vol. 13, 1864. A visit to the country around the Wrekin.
  7. "A French Cotton Town," The Lesuire Hour, Nov. 1, 1869, p. 714-716. A visit to Condé.
  8. "Gipsy Glimpses," All The Year Round, Volume I "New Series", Magazine No. 23, 8 May 1869, p. 536-540. A visit to a gypsy tribe on Christmas Eve.
  9. "An Hungered, and Ye Gave Me Meat," Band of Hope Review no. 125, May 1, 1871, p. 19-20.
  10. "Mont St Michel," Leisure Hour Magazine, 1873. A travel account to Mont St. Michel.
  11. "The Battle of the Poor: Sketches from Courts and Alleys," The Day of Rest, 1873.
  12. "A Christian Patriot - An East-end Sketch," The Sunday Magazine, 1880, vol. 9, p. 554-558. Article about Nairne Dowson, who helped children in the streets of the East-end.
  13. "Little and Lame," The Sunday Magazine, 1881, vol. 10. Article about children's hospitals.
  14. "A Thieves Supper," The Sunday Magazine, 1882, vol. 11. Article on St. Giles Christian Mission.
  15. "Ragged School Union Conferences," The Sunday at Home, 1883, April. (Also reprinted in The Ragged School Union Quarterly Record, April, 1883.) A history of several Ragged Schools and related charities.
  16. "The Prevention of the Cruelty to Children: An Appeal of the London Society," The Sunday Magazine, vol. 13, 1884, p. 777-779.
  17. "One of God's Servants," The Sunday Magazine, 1885, vol. 14, p. 234-239. A tribute to a friend Joseph Johnson Miles.
  18. "One of God's Palaces, The Albert Asylum, Lancaster," The Sunday Magazine, 1885, vol. 14, p. 262-267. A place for idiot and imbecilic children near Lancaster.
  19. "Little Home for Little Folks," The Sunday Magazine, 1885, vol. 14, p. 503-505. An article about children's homes.
  20. "Exiles in the Arctic Zone," The Leisure Hour Magazine, 1904, p. 493-495. An article about the Russian exile to Siberia of political offenders.