• A Sermon on Regeneration

    A Sermon on RegenerationA Sermon on Regeneration by George Whitefield.

    Whitefield explores the doctrine of genuine regeneration and how little it is understood. He warns that "nothing short of a thorough sound conversion will fit thee for the kingdom of heaven." What does it mean to be in Christ and to be a new creature? He explains the reasoning why this must be the case. He explains what practical effects this has in life. "Let each of us therefore seriously put this question to our hearts: Have we received the Holy Ghost since we believed? Are we new creatures in Christ, or no?"

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  • The Lord Our Righteousness

    The Lord Our RighteousnessThe Lord Our Righteousness by George Whitefield.

    "Whoever is acquainted with . . . the propensity of his own heart . . . must acknowledge that self-righteousness is the last idol that is rooted out of the heart . . . it is natural for us all to have recourse to a covenant of works, for our everlasting salvation." This sermon explores the doctrine of the righteousness of Jesus Christ being imputed to mankind, taken from the text of Jeremiah 23:6. It explains who the Lord is and how He is man's righteousness. Four objections are covered and also the ill consequences of denying this doctrine. Finally an exhortation for all to come to faith in Christ. The "Lord Our Righteousness" is one of George Whitefield's most popular sermons.

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  • The Method of Grace

    The Method of GraceThe Method of Grace by George Whitefield.

    This sermon details an authentic work of grace in a believer's heart. Whitefield uses the phrase "we can speak peace to our hearts" when God's work is genuine. The defining qualities are a correct understanding of sin, the nature of unbelief, and laying hold on the righteousness of Christ. The second part of the sermon is addressed to different people including true believers, backsliders and those who have never known Christ in their hearts.

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