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How are books purchased?
New shopping cart functionality has been implemented at Curiosmith to purchase directly from this website.

Where is the Shopping Cart?
The shopping cart is located along the right edge of the screen. It will stay there as when there is an item in the cart. Checkout is accessed at the bottom of the Shopping Cart screen. If the cart does not appear or update—refresh the screen.

What Credit Cards are accepted?

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What quantity discounts do you offer?
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Is this website secure?

The entire website is secured using Comodo security, the largest SSL certificate authority in the world.

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Do I need to establish an account? No, only credit card, name and address information, but an account can be established if preferred.

Where do you ship? We currently ship to the United States only.

Do you charge sales tax? In Minnesota only.

What is the return policy? Satisfaction is important. Direct sale books from curiosmith.com have a 30 day return policy. Return Policy.

Do you have two websites?
This website is at Curiosmith.com. The other website is the “Curiosmith Mobile Website” at curiosmith.myshopify.com and is made for ease of use on mobile devices (but can be used on any device).

What quality of books do you sell? The books are 6″ X 9″; 5.25" X 8" or 4" X 6" in size, and are made of quality materials consisting of 100# laminated cover stock and 24# text stock. The books are perfect bound, the square, glued binding of most paperbacks. The covers are a matte or shiny laminate and the interior paper is good cream or white 60# paper.

What is a Chapbook? The name comes from many years ago when street vendors called "chapmen" (tradesman) sold inexpensive paperback booklets in the streets. They were small books made out of a larger piece of paper that has been folded and tied together with string. Curiosmith has adopted a 4" X 6" format as an ideal way to bring shorter stories and tracts to the customer.

What is your copyright policy? We seek to honor any copyright laws that pertain to the material we use. If there are any copyrights issues trespassed accidentally, we will rectify the situation. All of our products originate with material that is in the public domain.

What is your editing style? The editing style employed in our books is overwhelmingly the style of the original editions. The punctuation, sentence structure and most spellings are the same as the original book. Nineteenth century writers used hyphenation and commas extensively and most are left as is. The editing done corrects typos, updates some words and Americanizes some words. We have thought some words to be more distracting than functional and have changed them. An examples of a word change is "to-day" to "today." 

How do you select content? We have high standards for spiritual content and look for books with a foundation in the Christian gospel message. The books selected must have a sense of sin, guilt, or wrong doing; and with Jesus Christ as the answer, Savior, or atonement. Although the Christian life is much more complicated, this is essential for the glory of Jesus.

What is your theology? The vast majority of material is from these sources:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for any further questions.