• A Threefold Cord

    A Threefold CordA Threefold Cord: A Precept, Promise, and Prayer from the Holy Scriptures for Every Day in the Year by American Tract Society.

    “A Threefold Cord” is a selection of three Bible verses for every day of the year. The trio consists of a precept, a promise, and a prayer that are threaded together by the same spiritual truth. The title taken from Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A threefold cord is not quickly broken” when applied to three related scripture verses gives the reader a strong cord of truth to hold fast to. The verses are in the King James Version. This book was originally published as a miniature three by two and a half inches, but now is republished in the six by nine inch format for easier reading.

    Paperback 6X9; 134 pages; Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281741

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  • Bishop Blomfield's Manual of Family Prayers

    Manual of Family PrayersBishop Blomfield's Manual of Family Prayers by Charles J. Blomfield.

    This is a collection of short family prayers that provide helpful assistance when words do not come easy. A morning prayer and an evening prayer is included for every day of the week, and also some occasional prayers. This devotional book was compiled by Bishop Charles James Blomfield and is the American version published by the Protestant Episcopal Tract Society, c. 1829.

    Paperback, 62 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626176

  • Crumbs from the Master's Table

    Crumbs from the Master's TableCrumbs from the Master's Table by William Mason.

    This devotional book contains short Biblical meditations. A thought or exhortation is followed by a Bible verse for further study. Originally published in the eighteenth century, Appleton Publishing republished it as a miniature book in 1831 and it was very successful. These meditations are profitable for any Christian who desires a closer walk with God.

    "Go not to any place where you cannot pray in faith, Lord, let thy presence go with me. Do nothing on which you cannot pray in hope, Lord, help me. Aspire after nothing for which you cannot ask in love, Lord, it is for thy glory, give it me. Whatsoever ye do in word and deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Colossians 3:17."—Crumbs from the Master's Table.

    Paperback 6X9, 78 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626480

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  • Daily Food for Christians

    Daily Food for ChristiansDaily Food for Christians: A promise, and another scriptural portion, with a verse of a hymn for every day in the year.

    Daily Food for Christians is a collection of short devotions that consist of a promise from the Bible, a verse of a hymn and another scriptural passage for every day of the year. The daily selection is often thematically related. This book was originally published as a miniature book and was very popular in the nineteenth century. Although many old editions were just over two by three inches, this new edition is six by nine inches with easier to read text. The original King James Version has been retained. These meditations were used by missionaries, servicemen and other Christians for guidance and inspiration.

    Paperback 6X9, 136 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626442

  • Golden Threads: Selected Stories

    Golden ThreadsGolden Threads by Helen C. Knight.

    Golden Threads was a book of moral stories published c1866, by Mrs. Helen C. Knight. The 63 selections gleaned for this edition are selected for their Christian gospel content. Most all are moral parables that teach Biblical principals and are intended for families with older children.

    Paperback, 25 illustrations, 178 pages.

    ISBN  9780981750538; LCCN  2008942164; Amazon.com link

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  • Kept for the Master's Use

    Kept for the Master's UseKept for the Master's Use by Frances Ridley Havergal.

    Frances Ridley Havergal shares her devotion to Jesus in this heartfelt exposition of the hymn, "Take My Life and Let It Be." Chapter by chapter, one for each two line stanza, she implores the reader to examine their lives. This book is filled with common sense practical help to see through excuses, half-heartedness and doubts and to move closer to the Savior. Her earnest pursuit of a more dedicated heart will help anyone to live a more committed, consecrated life.

    Paperback 8X5.25, 146 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626060 

  • Royal Commandments

    Royal CommandmentsRoyal Commandments: Morning Thoughts for the King's Servants by Frances R. Havergal.

    “Royal Commandments” contains thirty-one devotionals with exhortation to keep, recognize, and delight in Biblical commandments. God’s Commandments are “royal” because they come from the “King of Saints.” This exhortation is important because in keeping them there is great reward. This special BIBLE VERSE EDITION contains the full text of hundreds of reference verses found in “Royal Commandments.” Reading the devotional text along with the verses mentioned enriches the reading, giving additional context to deepen the passage of the day.

    Paperback 6X9, 144 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281673

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  • The Book of Private Devotion: A Series of Prayers and Meditations

    The Book of Private DevotionThe Book of Private Devotion: A Series of Prayers and Meditations by Hannah More, James Montgomery, Thomas Wilson and others.

    This book is a collection of occasional prayers, devout meditations, sacred poetry and essays on prayer, gathered mostly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Contributors to this anthology include Hannah More, James Montgomery, Thomas Wilson, William Cowper, and many others. Anyone interested in prayer will be edified by this assortment of sacred writings.

    Paperback 6X9, 144 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626497

  • The Name Above Every Name

    The Name Above Every NameThe Name Above Every Name: Daily Texts and Devotional Meditations by Rev. Samuel Cutler.

    A devotional style book of fifty-two names of Jesus Christ organized by weekly chapters. The chapters include a verse for each day, an exposition and a poem on each name. “It has been the purpose of the author to furnish a Hand-Book, in which the Christian might daily find a text of Scripture referring to his Saviour, as a subject for meditation; which, in connection with the thoughts in prose, and the selected poetry, would also form a continuous topic for a week.”

    Paperback 6X9, 196 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281505

  • The Still Hour; or, Communion with God

    The Still HourThe Still Hour; or, Communion with God by Austin Phelps.

    The "Still Hour" refers to the devotional prayer time of a Christian. Austin Phelps describes the pitfalls of prayer such as apathy, laziness, and lack of desire. He warns us that approaching prayer grudgingly, mechanically or insincerely has negative consequences. He also describes earnestness, enjoyment, and praying with purpose as qualities to ascribe to. A whole chapter describes Jesus Christ's atonement as the only basis of prayer. This book is filled with many good thoughts and warnings for a Christian's quiet moments spent with God.

    Paperback 6X9, 72 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626374

  • Thoughts Concerning the King

    Thoughts Concerning the KingThoughts Concerning the King by Elizabeth Prentiss.

    Elizabeth Prentiss was a devoted follower of Jesus who wrote down a portion of her life’s accumulated wisdom. The preface states: “These selections were originally made for private use. By permission of Dr. Prentiss they are now published in their present form.” The book is a collection of short but weighty paragraphs of text and poetry.

     Paperback 5.25X8, 66 pages; Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281550

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  • Words Encouraging to Right Faith and Conduct

    Words Encouraging to Right Faith and ConductWords Encouraging to Right Faith and Conduct by Matthew Henry. Complied by John S. Sherman.

    This devotional contains over 170 quotes from Matthew Henry’s writings. John Sherman, the compiler, states in the book’s Preface: “Matthew Henry was an English divine who wrote in the eighteenth century, distinguished for his devotional spirit, practical piety, sound common sense, and intelligent views of the teachings of the Bible. In view of the life and character of so good and gifted a person, it is hoped these selections will be received with favor, displace reading that is frivolous, correct that which is erroneous, and promote morality and religion. Some of the sentences will find response in many minds.”

    Paperback 5.25X8, 44 pages, Amazon.com link, ISBN 9781941281710.