Contentment in Humble Life by William Read

Contentment in Humble Life: In a Brief Memoir of Thomas Hogg by William Read.Contentment in Humble Life

Thomas Hogg (1753–1818) was a blacksmith who made scissor chains. He almost never complained even though his life was so humble that he slept in ox stalls. He was an interesting example of the power of God to bring about contentment and cheerfulness in suffering. As the book states: “I have heard him declare that he never learned so complete a lesson of humility, contentment, and gratitude, as from the conduct of this man.” “A pleasing narrative of an individual in abject poverty; his contentment and cheerfulness in suffering; his superior qualities of mind; and his consistent and ardent piety.”

Paperback 4X6, 60 pages, 1 illus. link; ISBN 9781946145109; Vintage Chapbook Series