Charlie the Drummer Boy

Charlie the Drummer Boy by Sarah S. Baker.

A touching poem of a drummer boy in the Civil War. A wounded soldier found himself disabled and decided to wait for help. He began to talk to another injured soldier and found him a good companion. The story, amidst a very distressing situation, makes a Christian's outlook serve it well.

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Excerpt from Charlie the Drummer Boy:

   "O blessed Lord Jesus, for me thou hast died;

I know of thy cross, and the wound in thy side.

Thou lovest poor sinners, and therefore I dare

To offer before thee my penitent prayer:


"Almighty Father, I have sinned

     Against thy just commands.

My heart is full of wickedness,

     And guilty are my hands.


Almighty Son, thy sufferings

     With coldness I have viewed;

I have repaid thy wondrous love

     With base ingratitude.


Almighty Spirit, I have oft

     Despised thy voice within:

When thou hast warned and plead with me,

     I would not turn from sin.


Thou art my Father, though I am

     A wicked, wandering child.

Forgive me, Lord, for Jesus' sake

     With me be reconciled.


O gentle Savior, let me share

     The pardon thou hast brought;

Help me to serve thee evermore,

     And love thee as I ought.


O Holy Spirit, make me pure

     In thought and word and deed:

Teach me to pray, to strive with sin,

     And in thy strength succeed.


And when I die, O may this soul

     Which thou hast now forgiven,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

     Eternally in heaven."