John Ploughman's Talk; or, Plain Advice for Plain PeopleJohn Ploughman's Talk; or, Plain Advice for Plain People by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Mr. Spurgeon says—"In John Ploughman's Talk I have written for ploughmen and common people. . . . these lowly pages may teach thrift and industry all the days of the week in the cottage and the workshop."

"Racy and pungent; very plain, and to the purpose. No fear as to whether it will be read or not by those into whose hands it may fall. If Mr. Spurgeon goes on at this rate in his multiform, publications, he will leave nothing racy unsaid.''—Watchman (1883).

This is a book of proverbs written in a semi-humorous tone. Mr. Spurgeon uses a fictional character, John Ploughman, to illustrate his wisdom about everyday life. He promotes the virtuous and exposes the immoral in many thoughts, sayings, quotations, and Bible verses.—Curiosmith (2014).

John Ploughman's Talk$9.95


Lectures to My Students by Charles H. Spurgeon.

First Series: A Selection from addresses delivered to the students of the Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Second Series: With illustrations of posture and action.

"We have read this work with a feeling very nearly approaching to delight. Nothing that Mr. Spurgeon has printed has so thoroughly pleased us, and few of his works are calculated to be of greater practical service. It abounds in words of wisdom; it is rich in humour, but richer in human and spiritual experience."—Nonconformist (1897).

"This book is undeniably interesting and instructive; here and there occurs an amusing and suggestive anecdote; and many of its pages are equal in point and power to the ablest passages of the first series."—The Record (1897).


"A Man in Christ" by Charles H. Spurgeon.

An address delivered to members of the stock exchange, at the request of the Stock Exchange Christian Association, at the Cannon Street Hotel. (16 pages)


Morning by Morning; or, Daily Readings for the Family or the Closet by Charles H. Spurgeon.

"Those who have learnt the value of morning devotion will highly prize these helps. All who love a full-orbed gospel, vigorous, varied thought, and a racy style, will appreciate this volume."—Rev. J. Angus. D.D., Regent's Park College.


My Sermon Notes by Charles H. Spurgeon.

A Selection from Outlines of Discourses delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

  • Part I. Genesis to Proverbs. I. to LXIV.
  • Part II. Ecclesiastes to Malachi. LXV. to CXXIX.
  • Part III. Matthew to Acts. CXXX. to CXCV.
  • Part IV. Romans to Revelation. CXCVI. to CCLXIV.

When a preacher, be he lay or regular, finds himself severely pressed for a subject, he will find here an outline clearly drawn, a good deal of filling up, and a little lot of stories or pithy bits to season the whole.


The Present Truth by Charles H. Spurgeon.

The Present Truth (Third in the series) is a sequel to Types and Emblems (1) and Trumpet Calls to Chritain Energy(2). All culminated from Sunday evening and Thursday evening sermons.


The Royal Wedding by Charles H. Spurgeon.

"An elegant little book of 80 pages, illustrating the parable of the Wedding Garment, and worthy of the world-wide fame of the author."—Baptist Messenger (1883).