The Salt-Cellars by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Being a collection of Proverbs, together with homely notes thereon.

"These three things go to the making of a proverb: Shortness, Sense, and Salt."

"For many years I have published a Sheet Almanack, intended to be hung up in workshops and kitchens. This has been known as 'John Ploughman's Almanack,' and has had a large sale. It has promoted temperance, thrift, kindness to animals, and a regard for religion, among working people. The placing of a proverb for every day for twenty years has cost me great labour, and I feel that I cannot afford to lose the large collection of sentences which I have thus brought together; yet lost they would be, if left to die with the ephemeral sheet. Hence these two volumes. They do not profess to be a complete collection of proverbs, but only a few out of many thousands."—Extract From Preface.