The Clue of the Maze: A Voice Lifted Up on Behalf of Honest Faith by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Uniform with "Around the Wicket Gate."

It was the author's desire that it might strengthen the faith of many, and recover others out of the snare of the enemy.

"Heartily do we thank Mr. Spurgeon for the work, and commend the book as just what is often required for a present; it will be found to be acceptable by the uncultured and the cultured as well."—The Freeman.

Spurgeon's own experiences in the maze of life help others fight doubt. The book is not meant to be a formal argument but is given "to assist a friend." As the preface says: "How I have personally threaded the labyrinth of life thus far, may be of helpful interest to some other soul which just now is in a maze. I hope that by these pages some true heart may be assisted to 'fight his doubts and gather strength.'" The book contains 70 passages to help a person in times of doubt.—Curiosmith (2014).

The Clue of the Maze$7.95