John Ploughman's Pictures; or, More of His Plain Talk for Plain People by Charles H. Spurgeon.

"Each sentence is a cluster of diamonds—some of them rough, but all of them real. It is the very quintessence of 'sanctified common sense,' or perhaps we should say uncommon sense. We are glad to note the splendid way in which the arrows of barbed wit and satire are shot at the dreadful drink; and hope that by reading these sparkling chapters many a silly toper will be cajoled out of the stupefying cup. Every page is worth a mint of money, and 160 pages make a marvellous shillings-worth. Anyone who buys it and reads it and gives it away will have made a rare investment."—The Christian.

"Every page is full of sayings well calculated to teach people the charms of religion, and the happiness attending sober industry."—Christian World (1883).

John Ploughman's Pictures was inspired by the immense circulation and influence for good of the previous volume John Ploughman's Talk. Spurgeon wrote the chapters in a mirthful vein but with the serious purpose to help "men climb to better things." Numerous sources contributed to this collection of wisdom to encourage temperance, diligence, and common sense. He had the chapters richly illustrated with 39 illustrations.—Curiosmith (2014).

John Ploughman's Pictures$9.95