Supposing Him to Be the Gardener by Charles H. Spurgeon.

A booklet containing Sermon No. 1699. Delivered on December 31st, 1882.

This sermon grew out of John 20:15: "Supposing him to be the gardener." Spurgeon used an extensive well-tended garden as a setting for this discourse, probably Dr. Bennet's large garden in Mentone, which Spurgeon frequently visited. When Jesus Christ is the gardener of creation it leads to many inferences: it spurs people to their duties, it relieves people from responsibilities they should never assume, it delivers people from fears, it is a warning for the careless, it is a calming influence to those who complain and lastly it is an outlook full of hope. Spurgeon said he is "hoping that I may open many roads of meditation for your hearts . . . to indicate in which direction you may look for a vein of precious ore." This sermon has been updated to modern language.—Curiosmith (2014).

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