Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The Spoiled Child

    The Spoiled ChildThe Spoiled Child by William C. Brownlee

    An authentic narrative of a wealthy, morally upright man that was well respected in his town. When his only son grew to seventeen, he began to see that the boy was spoiled. He lamented his inability to discipline his child as was properly needed. Brownlee speaks of what a spoiled child looks like and what is needed for correction. He points to disrespect for God, wrong associations, no love for church and too much money at their disposal as causes for children to develop bad character. He made a point of how to gain true submission and reverence for parents. The pastor visited the son years later when he is into his adult life, and saw desolation and wretchedness.

    The American Tract Society description: The effects of early indulgence, bad company, profusion of money, etc., in a life of intemperance and a premature death.

    Paperback 4X6, 82 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281895; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The Story of Joseph and His Brethren

    The Story of Joseph and His Brethren by The Cheap Repository Tracts.The Story of Joseph and His Brethren

    This book tells the Biblical story of Joseph with commentary about the spiritual principals involved. The topics included are hatred, revenge, envy, lying, and the false idea of “luck.” God’s providence is one of the chief things to be learned, because it is God who lifts people up. “God was blessing you by means of those very things which were thought at the time so terrible.”

    Paperback 4X6, 120 pages, 5 illus. link, ISBN 9781946145147; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The Two Old Men or What Makes Them Differ?

    The Two Old MenThe Two Old Men or What Makes them Differ? by Caesar Malan.

    The two conversations are of men with different characters. The first one, called Old Man, was confident of being a Christian and going to heaven, because he was generally a good person. The second man called Old William, was convinced of his corrupt nature and so trusted in Christ for his salvation, but was plagued by thoughts of past unworthiness. “Happy are those who, while journeying here, are enabled to look to the Savior. Old age has no terrors for them.”

    Paperback 4X6, 50 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281949, Look Inside at

    Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The Watchmaker and His Family

    The Watchmaker and His FamilyThe Watchmaker and His Family by Caesar Malan.

    The watchmaker put in long hours, but suddenly stopped at midnight on Saturday. His observance of the Sabbath forbade him to continue. When a client wanted his watch fixed, his faith was tested, and he faced ridicule when a man wanted the work done on Sunday or he will go elsewhere. This true account is a great example of a Sabbath keeper maintaining his beliefs, and the blessing God gave as a result. The key concepts involved are Sabbath keeping and alcoholism.

    American Tract Society description: This tract was translated from the French of Rev. Caesar Malan, of Geneva, for the Religious Tract Society, London, who have "sufficient evidence that they are founded on facts and essentially correct representations of what actually occurred.” An entertaining narrative, showing how scrupulously the Watchmaker observed the Sabbath when almost compelled to its violation; his exemplary Christian deportment in his family, with the history of his early life and conversion.

    Paperback 4X6, 58 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281925;Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The Weaver's Daughter

    The Weaver's DaughterThe Weaver's Daughter by John Tappan.

    A weaver came from Ireland to America for more opportunity in his linen weaving business. This narrative is of his daughter, Mary, raised in a Catholic family. She searched for answers in her church and became a nun but was not satisfied. From the text: “But my religion was all outward; my heart was hard and proud, and my temper easily roused.” After searching the Bible, she became a Christian that trusted in Christ for salvation. She was ordered out of the house and endured persecution because of her conversion.

    Paperback 4X6, 50 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781946145000, Look Inside at

  • We Must Live

    "We Must Live""We Must Live" by The American Tract Society

    This is a narrative about keeping the Sabbath as a time of rest. The title, We Must Live, is the excuse people use to work on the Sabbath and produce an income for their families. It is human reasoning is valued here, but this idea is overturned with God’s wisdom. The moral of the examples is the principal that God blesses those who follow His commandments.
    The American Tract Society description: Illustrating the fallacy of this excuse for trafficking in ardent spirits and trading on the Sabbath, by entertaining and instructive narratives.

    Paperback 4X6, 50 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281987, Look Inside at

    Vintage Chapbook Series

  • William Kelly: The Happy Christian

    William KellyWilliam Kelly: The Happy Christian by Rev. Hugh Stowell.

    WILLIAM KELLY (1731–1808), was a man of the world with many immoral habits. He spent more than he made and was reduced to shame. In the thirtieth year of his life, his hat was seized as security for a down payment of a debt and out of desperation he looked to God. His attitude improved and his life turned around. The furniture of his home was a bed, a table, a stool, and a candlestick, yet he was perpetually cheerful, and thankful. Here is an example of a happy Christian living a simple life.

    Paperback 4X6, 58 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281932

    Vintage Chapbook Series