Vintage Chapbook Series

  • Ann Eliza Williams

    Ann Eliza WilliamsAnn Eliza Williams: The Child a Hundred Years Old by William S. Plumer

    Ann Eliza Williams’ witness of Christian devotion and testimony of the Spirit’s work in her is an inspiration to anyone. Ten-year-old Ann embraced a strong Christian faith and earnestly held fast to God as she underwent suffering with a terminal illness. The account related by Rev. William S. Plumer during the early nineteenth century, gives a detailed study of her Christian character.

    Paperback 4X6, 48 pages, link; ISBN 9781941281826,Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • Bear Ye One Another's Burdens & The Strait Gate and the Broad Way

    Bear Ye One Another's Burdens & The Strait Gate and the Broad WayBear Ye One Another's Burdens & The Strait Gate and the Broad Way by Hannah More.

    The first part, “Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens,” is about helping your neighbor. All people are portrayed as having a burden but individuals who help each other make their own burden manageable. The “secret packet,” or the black part of the burden, written in indelible ink, is concealed at all cost and gives extra weight to the burden.

    The second part, “The Strait Gate and the Broad Way,” is an allegory of the parable of “The Ten Virgins” with their lamps in Matthew 25; cautioning people to be ready. It is combined with the parable of “The Narrow and Broad Gates” of Matthew 7:13, which speaks of not being weighed down with things of this world.
    Original title: Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens: The Valley of Tears: A Vision.
    The Strait Gate and the Broad Way: Being the Second Part of the Valley of Tears.

    Paperback 4X6; 66 pages; 1 illustration; link; ISBN 9781941281857, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • Betty Brown, the St. Giles's Orange Girl

    Betty was overjoyed when Mrs. Sponge offered to lend her money to start a business selling oranges from a wheelbarrow. True to her name Mrs. Sponge was not so generous. When a good lady saw what was happening, she offered to help Betty. She taught Betty about life, business and Christian habits. 

    Paperback 4X6, 56 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281765, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • Black Giles the Poacher & Tawny Rachel the Fortune-Teller

    Black Giles the Poacher & Tawny Rachel the Fortune-TellerBlack Giles the Poacher & Tawny Rachel the Fortune-Teller by Hannah More.

    Black Giles taught his children many cunning schemes to beg and steal. He is against education and promotes laziness and bad behavior as a way of life. When they came across widow Brown’s apple tree, their actions had surprising consequences.

    Tawny Rachel, his wife, wormed her way into farmer’s homes and then offered to tell fortunes which she used to cheat them out of their money. Rachel tricked a woman by promising a husband, but Rachel’s own fortune was soon to be known.

    Original title: Black Giles the Poacher: Containing Some Account of a Family Who Had Rather Live by Their Wits Than Their Work. Part 2 - History of Widow Brown’s Apple-Tree.

    Original title: Tawny Rachel: The Fortune-Teller, with Some Account of Dreams, Omens, and Conjurers.

    Paperback 4X6; 112 pages; 3 illustrations; link; ISBN 9781941281864, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • Contentment in Humble Life by William Read

    Contentment in Humble Life: In a Brief Memoir of Thomas Hogg by William Read.Contentment in Humble Life

    Thomas Hogg (1753–1818) was a blacksmith who made scissor chains. He almost never complained even though his life was so humble that he slept in ox stalls. He was an interesting example of the power of God to bring about contentment and cheerfulness in suffering. As the book states: “I have heard him declare that he never learned so complete a lesson of humility, contentment, and gratitude, as from the conduct of this man.” “A pleasing narrative of an individual in abject poverty; his contentment and cheerfulness in suffering; his superior qualities of mind; and his consistent and ardent piety.”

    Paperback 4X6, 60 pages, 1 illus. link; ISBN 9781946145109; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • David Baldwin: The Miller's Son

    David Baldwin:The Miller's SOnDavid Baldwin: The Miller's Son by Rev. William Crookshank.

    David Baldwin (1810-1833) was the son of a miller that lived on Long Island, New York. The account describes David as a student of the popular philosophies of the time. Rev. Crookshank entered into an ongoing conversation with him probing and exhorting him to turn to Jesus Christ for salvation. He experienced a remarkable death bed conversion in a complete turnaround from his former thinking.

    Paperback 4X6, 48 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281994, Look Inside at

    Vintage Chapbook Series

  • Eliza Cunningham

    Eliza CunninghamEliza Cunningham: A Monument to the Praise of the Lord’s Goodness, and to the Memory of Dear Eliza Cunningham by John Newton.

    Eliza Cunningham (1771–1785), was adopted by the Rev. John Newton in 1782. She was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Cunningham. Elizabeth was the sister of John Newton’s wife, Mary. Consumption had gripped this 14-year-old niece, but she was a treasure in character. Her father, brother, sister and then her mother had passed away and entered the joy of their Lord. John Newton had taken a special liking to her and gave her much loving care. This account was originally written only for friends, but then published widespread because of demand.

    Paperback 4X6, 70 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281918, Vintage Chapbook Series

  • George Lovell

    George LovellGeorge Lovell by Joshua N. Danforth

    George Lovell was the fictitious name Joshua Danforth used to describe the subject of this narrative. The prayer of George’s mother, when he was born, was that he would be consecrated to the Lord for the work of the ministry. He lived as a man of the world who loved dancing, but then had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. The author gives parents an exhortation to pray earnestly for their children’s future. This account is said to be autobiographical, because of the exact similarities with the author’s own life.

    Paperback 4X6, 52 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281956; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • History of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry

    Histroy of Corporal MurrayHistory of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry by Jeremiah Porter.

    James Murray was a restless soul born in Ireland. He sailed over to  Canada and opened a drugstore. When business success did not come he enlisted in the U. S. Army. He was frequently intoxicated and indulged in profane swearing. He feared to trust his soul to Jesus, even though a spiritual awakening was happening in his company. He finally saw his depravity and trusted Christ. He soon after contracted cholera and died.

    Paperback 4X6, 46 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281963, Look inside at

    Vintage Chapbook Series

  • Mary of Toulouse

    Mary of ToulouseMary of Toulouse by The Religious Tract Society.

    The beliefs of Romanism are contrasted with that of Protestantism. A visitor to the south of France meets Mary, a 50-year-old woman, who was illiterate and practiced her religion of Romanism. He took it upon himself to teach her to read the Bible and pray daily. Mary began to see that her religion did not match that of the Bible, and changed her views. This narrative brings up the issues of priests marrying, the Bible being meant to be read by all, prayers for the dead, and the use of rosary beads.

    Paperback 4X6, 84 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281901; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • Parley the Porter

    Parley the PorterParley the Porter by Hannah More.

    This allegory is a tangible portrayal of the subtle fight against evil all Christians must face. The noblemen of the castle warned the servants to protect the castle and keep the robbers outside. Parley the Porter, a night watchman at the castle, was picked by Mr. Flatterwell, a robber, to be his friend. True to his name, Flatterwell plays upon the vanity of Parley. The warning is not to comprise beliefs and the story shows the results if they are trespassed.
    Original title: Parley the Porter, An Allegory, Showing How Robbers without Can Never Get into a House Unless There Are Traitors Within.

    Paperback 4X6; 50 pages; 1 illustration; link; ISBN 9781941281840, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • Pay-Night

    Pay-NightPay-Night: A Dialogue on Saturday Evening by Rev. John Haslock.

    William and Robert debated how to best spend their time. After their pay-night, Robert wanted to celebrate the Sabbath and William wanted to go boating. Robert wins the debate detailing the many blessings of keeping the Sabbath. There is warning to the reader of the evils of profaning the Sabbath.

    Paperback 4X6, 42 pages; link; ISBN9781941281819, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • Some New Thoughts for the New Year

    Some New Thoughts for the New Year by The Cheap Repository Tracts.Some New Thoughts for the New Year

    Diligence in business and eternal affairs is a matter for self-reflection. If one’s business is prosperous it does not indicate that one’s spiritual life is in order. The book encourages one to worship God in public and in secret and to read the Scriptures. “Showing how Mr. Thrifty the great mercer succeeded in his trade, by always examining his books soon after Christmas, and how Mr. Careless, by neglecting this rule, let all his affairs run to ruin before he was aware of it. After which some Christian help is offered to all those persons, high or low, who have a mind to examine into the account of their own lives during the last year.”

    Paperback 4X6, 60 pages, 1 illus, link, ISBN 9781946145093; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The Cottage Cook & The Sunday School

    The Cottage Cook and the Sunday SchoolThe Cottage Cook & The Sunday School by Hannah More

    Full title: The Cottage Cook, Mrs. Jones's cheap dishes: showing the way to do much good with little money.

    In The Cottage Cook Mrs. Jones learns that “going about and doing good” would lift her spirits and would cost nothing. She became a good Samaritan and helped keep the village merchants honest. The “cottage cook” set up a school to teach villagers how to save money by cooking at home and other household skills.

    In The Sunday School Mrs. Jones explains about her school and details the problems of finding a good school mistress. She exhorts people to read good books and explains the importance of Christian behavior.

    Paperback 4X6, 90 pages, link, ISBN  9781941281758, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • The German Cripple

    The German CrippleThe German Cripple by The American Tract Society

    James, a severely crippled man near Rottenstein, Germany was taken care of by a shepherd's widow and then by a young clergyman. This story discusses James' example of positive attitudes toward severe hardship. With little to give materially, James, by the grace of God, gave much in other ways.

    The German Cripple was translated from the original German into several languages and published by the Religious Tract Society and American Tract Society in the early nineteenth century.

    Paperback 4X6, 50 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281970, Look Inside at; Vintage Chapbook Series

  • The History of Hester Wilmot

    The History of Hester WilmotThe History of Hester Wilmot by Hannah More

    Rebecca Wilmot kept her house spotless for her own vanity’s sake. When her husband was messy, Rebecca would fly out in a terrible passion, and Hester would have to run and hide. Hester saved her shillings for a new gown for the May-day party, but her father had a gambling habit. Hester shines in the end with a good and hopeful heart in the face of adversity.

    Paperback 4X6, 80 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281772, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • The History of Mr. Fantom

    The History of Mr. FantomThe History of Mr. Fantom: The New-Fashioned Philosopher and His Man William by Hannah More

    Mr. Fantom took up studying popular philosophy as a way to “draw public notice and distinguish himself” in society. His mind was filled with vain imaginations and grandiose plans that he espoused at his hangout called the Cat and Bagpipes. However, Mr. Trueman asked him to do good and challenged him to offer simple help to someone nearby. This idea was simply too mundane for such a high minded fellow who was solving the world’s problems, so he did nothing about it. This story unfolds in a tense debate between these two different outlooks.
    This chapbook was written to counteract the influences of people such as Thomas Paine, who wrote “Rights of Man” and “Age of Reason” that were widely circulated during this period, in cheap editions, and were regarded as a negative influence.

    Paperback 4X6; 92 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281802; Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • The History of Tom White the Postboy

    The History of Tom White the PostboyThe History of Tom White the Postboy by Hannah More.

    Tom White had a Christian upbringing, but left that way of life for three or four years until he had a drunken racing accident. During his recovery he was motivated to seek God again. He had a new job opportunities and was married. He became a model of good behavior and grew successful and respected. The second half, written during the scarcity 1795, gives household advice that by hard work and good management time and money are saved so one can live prosperously.

    Paperback 4X6; 102 pages; 1 illustration; link; ISBN 9781941281871, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • The Navy Surgeon

    The Navy Surgeon: The Conversion of Dr. Charles H. BroughtonThe Navy Surgeon: The Conversion of Dr. Charles H. Broughton by Samuel J. Cassels.

    Dr. Charles Broughton, the subject of this biography, recounts through letters, when he came to Christ on board a man-of-war ship down near Key West, Florida. Illustrating the power of prayer, God poured his grace not only on Dr. Broughton but also six other members of his family who had become Christians while he was away. He portrays saving grace by taking up the cause and the spiritual development of his fellow seamen.

    Paperback 4X6; 70 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281888, Vintage Chapbook Series

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  • The Pilgrims

    The PilgrimsThe Pilgrims by Hannah More.

    This allegory is a humorous portrayal of the vain ways people go about their lives. The story exhorts people to keep their mind on their heavenly destination and to prepare for it. “Now, as they knew they were always liable to be called away at an hour’s notice, one would have thought they would have been chiefly employed in packing up, and preparing, and getting everything in order. But this was so far from being the case, that it was almost the only thing which they did not think about.”

    Paperback 4X6; 54 pages; 1 illustration; link; ISBN 9781941281833, Vintage Chapbook Series

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