The Honest Waterman by Joseph Butterworth

The Honest Waterman or the History of Thomas Mann by Joseph Butterworth.

Thomas Mann, (1747-1822), was born in London, England. He apprenticed to a waterman at fifteen years old. He worked on the River Thames and ran a boat service. He had gained a reputation for being an honest hardworking businessman. He attended church of John Newton. He was known for his integrity and generosity and he would walk the streets looking for someone to help.


Excerpt from The Honest Waterman:

He has been heard to say that his first impression of the importance of religion was occasioned by the death of his father. He then began to pray frequently, and to form many resolutions as to his future conduct; at the same time endeavoring to act conscientiously, and attending regularly on the performance of religious duties. He appears to have had an idea of his own ability to commend himself to God, independently of divine influence; and a considerable tendency towards self-righteousness seems at this time to have existed in his mind. Through divine grace, by searching the Scriptures, examining his own heart, and attending the means of grace, he was led to feel that he was by nature a sinful and polluted creature, totally unable to save himself, and destitute of any spiritual strength. Thus humbled, under a sense of his sins, and feeling that all his own services, prayers, and resolutions, were in themselves insufficient, he was led by faith to apply to the Lord Jesus Christ for the pardon of his sins and the salvation of his soul. He beheld the justice and mercy of God uniting to secure, by the atonement of Christ, the divine glory, and the salvation of all that come unto him and believe on him. He felt his need of a divine Savior, and that Jesus Christ was his only and all-sufficient Redeemer; and while the death and intercession of Christ were the foundation of his faith, he felt it his duty and his delight to live unto Him who died for him, and who was his gracious Advocate above. Hence, he lived a life of faith on the Son of God, who loved him and gave himself for him. Hence, he was constrained by the love of Christ to walk in his ways, to obey his commands, and to live to his glory. And you too, reader, must seek the salvation of your soul through faith in the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world; for there is none other name given among men whereby you can be saved. And if this faith be in you, as it was in Thomas Mann, it will work by love, and lead you to adorn the doctrine of God your Savior in all things.