Vintage Chapbook Index


  1. Aged Penitent (The) by Gustavus Abeel (Online in entirety)
  2. Aged Sailor (The) (Online in entirety)
  3. Amiable Louisa by John S. C. Abbott (Online in entirety)
  4. Ann Eliza Williams by William S. Plumer
  5. Bear Ye One Another's Burdens & The Strait Gate and the Broad Way by Hannah More
  6. Beggarly Boy (The)
  7. Betty Brown, the St. Giles's Orange Girl by Hannah More
  8. Bible Calendar (The) (Online in entirety)
  9. Black Giles the Poacher & Tawny Rachel the Fortune-Teller by Hannah More
  10. Bob the Cabin Boy by Rev. George Smith (Online in entirety)
  11. Charlie the Drummer Boy by Sarah S. Baker
  12. Christian Traveler (The) by Charlotte H. Cherry (Online in entirety)
  13. Contentment in Humble Life by William Read
  14. Conversation in a Boat, between Two Seamen by Richard Marks
  15. Cottage Cook (The) & The Sunday School by Hannah More
  16. Cottager's Wife (The) by a Clergyman.
  17. David Baldwin: The Miller's Son by William Crookshank
  18. Eliza Cunningham by John Newton
  19. First Voyage (The) by Thomas H. Gallaudet (Online in entirety)
  20. Fool's Pence (The) Rev. Charles B. Taylor (Online in entirety)
  21. George Lovell by Joshua Danforth
  22. German Cripple (The)
  23. Happy Waterman (The) (Online in entirety)
  24. History of a Bible (The) John W. Cunningham (Online in entirety)
  25. History of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry by Jeremiah Porter
  26. History of George Medway, an Old Ploughman (The) by RTS
  27. History of Hester Wilmot (The) by Hannah More
  28. History of Mr. Fantom (The) by Hannah More
  29. History of Tom White the Postboy (The) by Hannah More
  30. Honest Waterman (The) by Joseph Butterworth
  31. James Covey by John Griffin (Online in entirety)
  32. Lost Children (The) by Timothy Shaw Arthur (Online in entirety)
  33. Mary of Toulouse
  34. Missionary's Father (The) by William Goodell (Online in entirety)
  35. The Navy Surgeon: The Conversion of Dr. Charles H. Broughton by Samuel J. Cassels
  36. Old Shusco (Online in entirety)
  37. Parley the Porter by Hannah More
  38. Pay-Night by Rev. John Haslock
  39. Pilgrims (The) by Hannah More
  40. Poor Joseph by Rev. Dr. Calamy (Online in entirety)
  41. Premium (The) (Online in entirety)
  42. Released Prisoner (A) by RTS
  43. Rescued Brand (The) by Rev. William J. R. Talyor (Online in entirety)
  44. Russian Nurse (The) by Rev. Richard Knill (Online in entirety)
  45. Scotsman Fireside (The) by Mrs. Divie Bethune (Online in entirety)
  46. Shipmates, an Evening Conversation (The) by Richard Marks
  47. Some New Thoughts for the New Year
  48. Spoiled Child (The) by William C. Brownlee
  49. Story of Joseph and His Brethren (The)
  50. Swiss Peasant (The) by Caesar Malan
  51. Tom Starboard and Jack Halyard by William D. Harris
  52. Two Old Men (The) by Caesar Malan
  53. Watchmaker and His Family (The) by Caesar Malan
  54. Wayside Hearers (The) (Online in entirety)
  55. We Must Live
  56. Weaver's Daughter (The) by John Tappan
  57. William Kelly by Rev. Hugh Stowell