Books Arranged by Author

A. L. O. E.

Hymns and Poems

The Mine: Darkness and Light.

The Robbers' Cave: A Tale of Italy.

The Claremont Tales: Illustrations of the Beatitudes.

Wings and Stings.

Angus Tartlton: Illustrations of the Fruits of the Spirit.

Our Sympathizing High Priest: Meditations on the Daily Sorrows of Our Saviour.

Abbott, Rev. John Stevens Cabot

The Amiable Louisa. (online in entirety)

Abeel, Rev Gustavus

The Aged Penitent. (online in entirety)

Aitkin, W. Hay

The Prodigal.

American Tract Society

A Threefold Cord.

The Life of the Rev. C. F. Swartz.

The Aged Sailor. (online in entirety)

The Happy Waterman. (online in entirety)

The History of Old Shusco. (online in entirety)

American Sunday School Union

Slim Jack: The History of a Circus Boy

Arthur, Timothy Shay

The Lost Children. (online in entirety)

Baker, Sarah Schoonmaker

Charlie the Drummer Boy.

Benning, Howe

Ursula's Beginnings.

Essie's Journey and What She Found in It.

Bethune, Miss Divie

The Scotsman's Fireside. (online in entirety)

Blomfield, Charles James

Bishop Bloomfield's Manuel of Prayers.

Brownlee, William C.

An Appeal to the Patriot.

Dying Testimony of Believers and Unbelievers.

The Spoiled Child.

Buchanan, Claudius

The Star in the East.

Bunyan, John

The Life and Death of Mr. Badman.

Solomon's Temple Spiritualized.

The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate.

Christ a Complete Saviour.

Butterworth, Joseph Esq.

The Honest Waterman.

Calamy, Rev. Dr. Edmund

Poor Joseph. (online in entirety)

Cassels, Samuel J.

The Navy Surgeon: The Conversion of Dr. Charles H. Broughton

Cheap Repository Tracts (The)

The Story of Joseph and His Brethern

Some New Thoughts for the New Year

Cherry, Charlotte H.

The Christian Traveler. (online in entirety)

Chalmers, Thomas

The Expulsive Power of a New Affection.

Charlesworth, Maria Louisa

Ministering Children.

Clarkson, David

Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven.

Coates, Eliza

Mabel's Faith.

Cowper, William

William Cowper's Olney Hymns.

Memoir of the Early Life of William Cowper.

Adelphi: The Life of Rev. John Cowper.

Crookshank, William

David Baldwin, or the Miller's Son.

Cunninham, Rev. John W.

The History of a Bible. (online in entirety)

Cutler, Samuel

The Name Above Every Name.

Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard


Help and Good Cheer.

Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life.

Danforth, Joshua N.

George Lovell.

Doddridge, Philip

Christ Formed in the Soul.

Doudney, Sarah

Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns.

Archie's Old Desk.

Drury, Belle Paxson

A Fruitful Life: The Missionary Labors of Stephen Paxson.

Edwards, Jonathan

Resolutions: A Collection of Wisdom (Edward's 70 resolutions)

Jonathan Edwards in the Pulpit: Famous Sermons.

A Divine and Supernatural Light. Paperback Version.

God Glorified in Man's Dependence. Paperback Version.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Paperback Version.

Heaven a World of Charity, or Love. Kindle Version.

A Farewell Sermon.

Paperback Version.

Kindle Book Version.

A Strong Rod Broken and Withered. Paperback Version.

The Excellency of Christ. Paperback Version.

The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners. Paperback Version.

Ellis, Harriett Warner

Toils and Triumphs: Missionary Work in the World's Dark Places.

Fuller, Andrew

The Backslider

Gallaudet, Thomas Hopkins

The Child's Book on Repentance: Designed Also for Older Persons

The First Voyage. (online in entirety)

Gasparin, Agénor de

Happiness: Discourses at Geneva

Goodell, Constans Liberty

Introduction of "A Fruitful Life."

Goodell, Rev. William

The Missionary's Father. (online in entirety)

Griffin, Rev. John

James Covey. (online in entirety)

Guernsey, Lucy Ellen

Mabel or the Bitter Root.

Hallock, William A.

The Mountain Miller.

Memoir of Harlan Page.

Harris, William D.

Tom Starboard and Jack Halyard

Haslock, Rev. John

Pay Night.

Havergal, Frances Ridley

Kept for the Master's Use.

Royal Commandments: Morning Thoughts for the Kings Servants

The Hymns of Frances Ridley Havergal

What Will You Do Without Him? (online in entirety)

Nothing to Pay. (online in entirety)

Helffenstein, Jacob

Self-Deception: Its Nature, Evils and Remedy

Henry, Mary H.

Ursula's Beginnings.

Henry, Matthew

Disputes Reviewed

Hope and Fear Balanced

A Church in the House

Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God

The Forgiveness of Sin As a Debt

Directions for Daily Communion with God.

A Discourse on Meekness and Quietness of Spirit

Words Encouraging to Right Faith and Conduct

Hodge, Charles

The Way of Life

Jowett, John H.

The Silver Lining: Messages of Hope and Cheer

Kilpin, Samuel

Memoir of Rev. Samuel Kilpin.

Kimball, James W.

How to See Jesus with Fullness of Joy and Peace.

Knight, Helen C.

Golden Threads: Selected Stories.

Knill, Rev. Richard

The Russian Nurse. (online in entirety)

Lamb, Ruth

Ben's Lady.

Le Feuvre, Amy

Teddy's Button.

A Daughter of the Sea.

The Carved Cupboard.

A Puzzling Pair.


Probable Sons.

Eric's Good News.

Legend Led.

Martin and Margot.

Bulbs and Blossoms.


On the Edge of a Moor.

Jill's Red Bag.

The Stupid Little Servant. (online in entirety)

Leslie, Emma

Esther's Regret.

Lyster, Annette

The Boy Who Never Lost a Chance.

Maguire, Rev. Robert

Commentary on The Pilgrim's Progress.

Commentary on The Holy War.

Malan, Rev. Caesar

The Swiss Peasant.

The Watchmaker and His Family.

The Two Old Men, or What Makes Them Differ?

Marks, Richard

Conversation in a Boat, between Two Seamen

The Shipmates, an Evening Conversation

Mason, John

A Treatise on Self-Knowledge

Mason, William

Crumbs from the Master's Table.

Mather, Cotton

Resolutions: A Collection of Wisdom.

Mather, Samuel

The Life of Dr. Cotton Mather.

Moody, Dwight L.

Sowing and Reaping.

The Prodigal.

Moorhouse, Henry

The Prodigal.

More, Hannah

Betty Brown, the St. Giles's Orange Girl.

Black Giles the Poacher & Tawny Rachel the Fortune-Teller

The History of Tom White the Postboy

The History of Hester Wilmot.

The Cottage Cook & The Sunday School

The History of Mr. Fantom

The Pilgrims

Parley the Porter

Bear Ye One Another's Burdens & The Strait Gate and the Broad Way

The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain.

The Two Shoemakers.

'Tis All for the Best.

Here and There. (online in entirety)

The Book of Private Devotion: A Series of Prayers and Meditations.

The Puppet Show. (online in entirety)

Dan and Jane. (online in entirety)

The Two Gardeners. (online in entirety)

The Lady and the Pie. (online in entirety)

The Plum Cakes. (online in entirety)

Turn the Carpet. (online in entirety)

The Foolish Traveler. (online in entirety)

The Impossibility Conquered. (online in entirety)

The Bad Bargain. (online in entirety)

The Honest Miller of Gloucestershire. (online in entirety)

King Dionysius. (online in entirety)

The Hackney Coachman. (online in entirety)

Robert and Richard. (online in entirety)

The Carpenter. (online in entirety)

The Riot. (online in entirety)

Patient Joe. (online in entirety)

The Gin-Shop. (online in entirety)

Nevins, William

Practical Thoughts.

Newton, John

John Newton's Olney Hymns.

On Searching the Scriptures.

The Progressive Work of Grace: Three Stages of a Believer's Experience.

Eliza Cunningham.

Offor, George

      Introduction and Notes:

Solomon's Temple Spiritualized.

The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate.

Christ a Complete Saviour.


Ester Ried: Asleep and Awake.

The King's Daughter.

Tip Lewis and His Lamp.

Six Little Girls.

An Hour with Miss Streator.

Phelps, Austin

The Still Hour; or, Communion with God.

Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps: A Memorial.

Phelps, Elizabeth Wooster Stuart

Little Kitty Brown and Her Bible Verses.

Kitty Brown and Her City Cousins.

Kitty Brown and Her Little School.

Kitty Brown Beginning to Think.

Pierson, Arthur T.

In Christ Jesus.

Plumer, Rev. William S.

Ann Eliza Williams – A Child a Hundred Years Old.

Porter, Rev. Jeremiah

Corporal Murray.

Prentiss, Elizabeth

Religious Poems.

Stepping Heavenward.

Aunt Jane's Hero.

The Home at Greylock.

Thoughts Concerning the King.

Fred, and Maria, and Me.

Read, Rev. William

Contentment in Humble Life.

Reid, William, M.A.

The Blood of Jesus.

Religious Tract Society

Daily Food for Christians.

The Naughty Girl Won.

Rebecca the Peacemaker: Coals of Fire.

The Biblical Calendar. (online in entirety)

The Wayside Hearers. (online in entirety)

A Released Prisoner

The History of George Medway, an Old Ploughman

Richmond, Legh

The Dairyman's Daughter.

The Young Cottager.

The African Servant.

The Rev. Legh Richmond's Letters and Counsels to His Children

Ropes, Mary E.

The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible.

Sangster, Margaret

The Joyful Life

Schmid, Christoph von

The Basket of Flowers.

Scott, Thomas

Illustrative Notes on The Pilgim's Progress.

The Force of Truth.

Sherwood, Mary Martha

The Little Woodman and His Dog Caesar.

Duty Is Safety or Troublesome Tom.

Little Henry and His Bearer.

Silke, Louisa C.

A Hero in the Strife.

Smith, George Charles

Bob the Cabin Boy. (online in entirety)

Spurgeon, Charles H.

Words of Cheer for Daily Life.

Supposing Him to Be the Gardener.

Free Will—A Slave.

The Greatest Fight in the World.

Gems from Spurgeon: Extracts from the Notebook of a Nonprofessonal Reporter.

The Hairs of Your Head Numbered.

Songs in the Night.

Baptismal Regeneration.

Sermons in Candles.

The Clue of the Maze.

According to Promise.

The Prodigal.

Twelve Sermons for the Troubled and Tried.

Twelve Sermons on Vital Questions.

John Ploughman's Talk.

John Ploughman's Pictures.

Stowell, Rev. Hugh

William Kelly or the Happy Christian.

Stretton, Hesba

Jessica's First Prayer.

The Child's Life of Christ.

Alice Gilbert's Confession.

The Worth of a Baby.

Only a Dog.

Humphrey Grainger's Losses.

Mrs Burton's Best Bedroom.

Poison in the Packet.

A Miserable Christmas and a Happy New Year.

How Apple-tree Court Was Won.

The Storm of Life.

Two Secrets.

Jessica's Mother. (illustrated)

Jessica's Mother. (Kindle edition)

Jessica's Mother. (ePub)

Nelly's Dark Days.

Bede's Charity.

Cobwebs and Cables.

Max Kromer: A Story of the Siege of Strasbourg.

Enoch Roden's Training.

The Children of Cloverley.

Alone in London.

The Crew of the Dolphin.

Pilgrim Street.

Lost Gip.


Fern's Hollow.

A Man of His Word - PAPERBACK

A Man of His Word - KINDLE

Sam Franklin's Savings Bank - PAPERBACK

Sam Franklin's Savings Bank - KINDLE

A Night and a Day - PAPERBACK

A Night and a Day - KINDLE

Left Alone - PAPERBACK

Left Alone - KINDLE

A Thorny Path.

Little Meg's Children.

Under the Old Roof.

Michel Lorio's Cross - PAPERBACK

Michel Lorio's Cross - KINDLE

Her Only Son - PAPERBACK

Her Only Son - KINDLE

No Place Like Home.

The Christmas Child.

Aboard an Emigrant Ship. (online in entirety)

Gypsy Glimpses. (online in entirety)

The Lucky Leg. (online in entirety)

Talmage, Thomas De Witt

The Prodigal.

Tappan, John

The Weaver's Daughter.

Tayler, Rev. Charles B.

The Fool's Pence. (online in entirety)

Taylor, Rev. William J. R.

The Rescued Brand. (online in entirety)

Temple, Crona

Nobody Cares.

Tucker, Charlotte Maria (see A.L.O.E.)

Tyree, Cornelius

The Glorious Sufficiency of Christ.

Vassar, Thomas Edwin

Uncle John Vassar.

Ware, Harriet

Memoir of Harriet Ware.

Waterbury, Jared

Who Are the Happy?

Watts, Isaac

The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts.

Divine and Moral Songs for Children.

Wayland, Francis

Memoir of Harriet Ware.

Whitefield, George

The Lord Our Righteousness.

The Method of Grace.

A Sermon on Regeneration.

 Whittle, Daniel W.

Life, Warfare, and Victory.