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A Puzzling Pair

A Puzzling PairA Puzzling Pair by Amy Le Feuvre.

The young twins, Guy and Berry, heard a sermon about Christ’s second coming and they wondered if they were ready. Guy drew a picture of people being raised with Christ and went around asking people if they would like to be in the picture. The question challenged people to evaluate their own readiness. “The independence of the twins was a great puzzle to their stepmother,” but the spirited children were good witnesses for Christ through their innocent ways.

Paperback 6X9, 144 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281468


Mary of Toulouse

Mary of ToulouseMary of Toulouse by The Religious Tract Society.

The beliefs of Romanism are contrasted with that of Protestantism. A visitor to the south of France meets Mary, a 50-year-old woman, who was illiterate and practiced her religion of Romanism. He took it upon himself to teach her to read the Bible and pray daily. Mary began to see that her religion did not match that of the Bible, and changed her views. This narrative brings up the issues of priests marrying, the Bible being meant to be read by all, prayers for the dead, and the use of rosary beads.

Paperback 4X6, 84 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281901; Vintage Chapbook Series


The Carved Cupboard

The Carved CupboardThe Carved Cupboard by Amy Le Feuvre.

Nanny gave the four sisters different verses from Psalm 37 to meditate on before she left. Then the sisters moved to a rented home where the owner was a woodcarver who had made an intricately carved cupboard. The house was taken under the condition that it was forbidden to open the cupboard. They wondered how it opened and what could be inside the mysterious cupboard. As the secret unfolded the sisters grew spiritually, each in their own way, each according to their prophetic verse.

Paperback 6X9, 160 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281451


Directions for Daily Communion with God

Directions for Daily Communion with GodDirections for Daily Communion with God by Matthew Henry.

Matthew Henry encourages and exhorts readers in their daily communion with God. The book is organized into three sections: How to begin the day, How to spend the day and How to end the day with God. Also included is the spiritual basis to make "Friendly Visits" to people. Time tested Matthew Henry is direct and deep and he makes point after point about what is true about God and how we should commune with God because of who He is. The text was relatively updated by the Religious Tract Society.

Paperback 6X9, 150 pages. link; ISBN  9781941281383



Pay-NightPay-Night: A Dialogue on Saturday Evening by Rev. John Haslock.

William and Robert debated how to best spend their time. After their pay-night, Robert wanted to celebrate the Sabbath and William wanted to go boating. Robert wins the debate detailing the many blessings of keeping the Sabbath. There is warning to the reader of the evils of profaning the Sabbath.

Paperback 4X6, 42 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281819, Vintage Chapbook Series

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Mabel's Faith

Mabel's FaithMabel's Faith by Eliza Coates.

Twelve year old Mabel shows how her faith in God affected her life. Mabel prayed not to be ill during the coach ride and she enjoyed a refreshing sleep; but also God awakened her fellow passengers in their faith. Mabel gives little Christian books to her friend Alice and God uses them to build her faith. Mabel's simple faith is an example how to approach life's difficulties.

Paperback 6X9, 104 pages, 2 illustrations. link; ISBN  9781941281444


Nobody Cares

Nobody CaresNobody Cares by Crona Temple.

The children had a festive day at school, but Rhoda was alone and nobody cared about her. A man addressed the classroom one day: "We are placed here in the world for a purpose, and, little and mean as we are, it is a grand purpose too! We are placed here to do God's will." When Rhoda became a Christian her new life sparked questions in the lives of others. Rhoda became a good nurse, and the girl nobody cared for became a good caregiver. This book also contains the story of "Cousin Lily." Margaret Leslie had a cousin named Lily who came from India because of sickness, but Margaret refused to care for her and she got worse. The moral of the story is about Margaret's change of heart.

Paperback 6X9, 110 pages, 1 illustration. link; ISBN  9781941281413


The Spoiled Child

The Spoiled ChildThe Spoiled Child by William C. Brownlee

An authentic narrative of a wealthy, morally upright man that was well respected in his town. When his only son grew to seventeen, he began to see that the boy was spoiled. He lamented his inability to discipline his child as was properly needed. Brownlee speaks of what a spoiled child looks like and what is needed for correction. He points to disrespect for God, wrong associations, no love for church and too much money at their disposal as causes for children to develop bad character. He made a point of how to gain true submission and reverence for parents. The pastor visited the son years later when he is into his adult life, and saw desolation and wretchedness.

The American Tract Society description: The effects of early indulgence, bad company, profusion of money, etc., in a life of intemperance and a premature death.

Paperback 4X6, 82 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281895; Vintage Chapbook Series


The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible

The Story of Mary jones and Her BibleThe Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible by Mary E. Ropes.

Mary Jones was poor and illiterate. She learned to read and walked two miles to study a neighbor's Bible. A resolution became fixed in her mind that she must have a Bible of her own. For six years she did odd jobs for halfpennies, until she had enough to buy a Bible. One bright morning she walked barefoot 25 miles to buy the Bible. When she reached Mr. Charles, he said that he did not have any Bibles for sale. Mary broke down and wept bitterly, and his heart was so touched that he could not deny her a Bible. Mr. Charles, deeply moved by Mary's story, was taken by conviction to supply Bibles for all of Wales. He petitioned before the Religious Tract Society in London, and was warmly received. In March, 1804, the British and Foreign Bible Society was established for the purpose of Bible distribution worldwide and is still active today.

"If but one heart is moved by the perusal of these pages to more earnest work Mary Jones, for the Master, to self-denial and loving service in the spread of His truth; to a more eager study of God's Word, and a greater zeal in circulating and making it known among others—then indeed this little story of the poor Welsh girl and her Bible will not have been written in vain."

Paperback 6X9, 106 pages, 29 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781941281420



RosesRoses by Amy Le Feuvre.

Mrs. Fitzherbert was asked to take care of Dimple, an eight year old orphaned girl. She gave Dimple a plot of ground to grow her own garden. The book uses garden analogies to teach lessons throughout: "Yes, I see a lot of weeds this afternoon. A nasty ugly one has just cropped up, called disobedience; and impatience and self-will have been up some time, and are growing bigger every day." The story teaches that roses must have a gardener to grow well and so we see the need of God tending our souls.

Paperback 6X9, 148 pages, 4 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781941281345

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