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The History of Tom White the Postboy

The History of Tom White the PostboyThe History of Tom White the Postboy by Hannah More.

Tom White had a Christian upbringing, but left that way of life for three or four years until he had a drunken racing accident. During his recovery he was motivated to seek God again. He had a new job opportunities and was married. He became a model of good behavior and grew successful and respected. The second half, written during the scarcity 1795, gives household advice that by hard work and good management time and money are saved so one can live prosperously.

Paperback 4X6; 102 pages; 1 illustration; link; ISBN 9781941281871, Vintage Chapbook Series

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The Navy Surgeon

The Navy Surgeon: The Conversion of Dr. Charles H. BroughtonThe Navy Surgeon: The Conversion of Dr. Charles H. Broughton by Samuel J. Cassels.

Dr. Charles Broughton, the subject of this biography, recounts through letters, when he came to Christ on board a man-of-war ship down near Key West, Florida. Illustrating the power of prayer, God poured his grace not only on Dr. Broughton but also six other members of his family who had become Christians while he was away. He portrays saving grace by taking up the cause and the spiritual development of his fellow seamen.

Paperback 4X6; 70 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281888, Vintage Chapbook Series

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A Discourse on Meekness and Quietness of Spirit

A Discourse on Meekness and Quietness of SpiritA Discourse on Meekness and Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry.

Matthew Henry defines practical meekness and shows how valuable it is. He explains Bible verses related to meekness and how Biblical characters exhibited meekness. Meekness “is one of the members of the new man, which we must put on. Put it on as armor, to keep provocations from the heart, and so to defend the vitals.” Also “If there be any vindication or avenging necessary, (which infinite Wisdom is the best judge of) he can do it better than we can; therefore “give place unto wrath,” that is, to the judgment of God, which is according to truth and equity; make room for him to take the seat, and do not you step in before him.” The text was relatively updated by the American Tract Society.

Paperback 6X9, 118 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281680


Ann Eliza Williams

Ann Eliza WilliamsAnn Eliza Williams: The Child a Hundred Years Old by William S. Plumer

Ann Eliza Williams’ witness of Christian devotion and testimony of the Spirit’s work in her is an inspiration to anyone. Ten-year-old Ann embraced a strong Christian faith and earnestly held fast to God as she underwent suffering with a terminal illness. The account related by Rev. William S. Plumer during the early nineteenth century, gives a detailed study of her Christian character.

Paperback 4X6, 48 pages, link; ISBN 9781941281826, Vintage Chapbook Series

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Memoir of Rev. Samuel Kilpin

Memoir of Rev. Samuel KilpinMemoir of Rev. Samuel Kilpin by American Tract Society and Samuel Kilpin.

Samuel Kilpin (1774–1830) was born in Bedford, England. He was a Baptist pastor who had a burning desire to be used by God and to preach the Gospel to lost souls. He especially loved children and orphans. His efforts were a blessing to so many that he had to use the rooms of his house for teaching. His life was exemplary: “He had a list of names, personal friends and their families, whom he presented daily to his God . . . none were erased until they had left this world for a better.” Also, “We enjoy no more than we are thankful for . . . but not one is enjoyed except our eyes see the Giver, and our lips acknowledge His goodness.” His earnest desire was not to be accounted a great man, but a useful man. This literally was his wish, and it was granted.

Paperback 6X9, 160 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281666.

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The Way of Life

The Way of LifeThe Way of Life by Charles Hodge.

Charles Hodge taught “that holiness is the fruit of truth. Christians regard the word of God as the only infallible teacher of those truths which relate to the salvation of men. But are the Scriptures really a revelation from God? What doctrines do they teach?” The book will “give a plain answer to these questions, and be suitable to place in the hands of intelligent and educated young persons, either to arouse their attention, or to guide their steps in the way of life.”

Paperback 6X9, 222 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281635


Hymns and Poems

Hymns and PoemsHymns and Poems by A.L.O.E (Charlotte Maria Tucker)

ALOE wrote hymns for specific groups of people, specific occupations, and some longer poems on spiritual subjects. From the preface: “To admit rhymes for ragged children, needlewomen, and paupers into a book of sacred song, may—in the opinion of some critics—deprive it of all claim to the name of poetry. Yet I venture to hope that those who love to labor in God’s vineyard, will not be sorry to bear to their poorer brethren verses intended to meet their peculiar trials, and cheer them under their peculiar sorrows; while the subjects of many of the hymns are such as are of equal interest to the prince as to the peasant.” These hymns are written as poetry.

Paperback 6X9, 104 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281642


How to See Jesus with Fullness of Joy and Peace

How to See Jesus with Fullness of Joy and PeaceHow to See Jesus with Fullness of Joy and Peace by James W. Kimball.

Seeing Jesus is about knowing the living Jesus as a person and as a friend, not just confession of faith and assentation to truth. James Kimball speaks to his audience as a letter to a friend, so everyday people in everyday circumstances can relate to his scriptural advice. “This, then, is a heart offering ‘from the heart to the heart’ of those who are waiting for the promised manifestation of the Lord Jesus.” “Loving Jesus, and trying in all things to promote His interests and wishes must inevitably result in the consciousness of His nearness and love.” “To love Jesus with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength is to see Him. As is our love so must be the vision.”

Paperback 6X9, 188 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281659.


The Blood of Jesus

The Bood of JesusThe Blood of Jesus by William Reid M.A.

“The sole ground of a sinner’s peace with God is ‘the blood of Jesus.’” “The book contains a plain, full, clear, and straightforward statement of the Gospel method of salvation, as laid down in the Word of God; and has the merit of presenting the Gospel in all its freeness and freshness.” “We never do good works until we do them because we are saved, not in order to be so. A lively sense of many sins forgiven will make us love much and show it practically.”

Paperback 6X9, 106 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281628



HappinessHappiness: Discourses Delivered at Geneva by Agénor de Gasparin. Translated by Mary L. Booth. Introduction by Rev. Edward N. Kirk.

Drawing on the beatitudes, the experiments of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes, and many other Scriptures, Count Gasparin formulated how God gives happiness to people. Gasparin states that happiness is a product of redemption only. Holiness is happiness and sin is misery; therefore, true happiness only starts at conversion because of mankind’s total depravity. From there happiness is lived out through obedience, accomplishing God’s work given to us, as well as prayer and dependence.

Paperback 6X9, 142 pages, link; ISBN 9781941281611

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