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The Life and Conversion of the Dairyman

The Life and Conversion of the DairymanThe Life and Conversion of the Dairyman by Rev. Daniel Tyerman.

Joseph Wallbridge, the Dairyman, was born in Dorsetshire and moved to the Isle of Wight when he was twenty years old. He married when he was twenty-seven and raised four children: Elizabeth, Hannah, Robert and William. His daughter, Elizabeth, was the subject of the well-known "Dairyman's Daughter," and had an influence on his spiritual development. This narrative of the dairyman,  is told by Daniel Tyerman, who lived on the Isle of Wight. The two became acquainted when the Dairyman attended Rev. Tyerman's church service. This testimony of the Dairyman's character and life is from that relationship.

Paperback 5.25X8, 36 pages, 1 illustration. link; ISBN  9781935626695

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