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The Young Cottager

The Young CottagerThe Young Cottager by Legh Richmond.

Jane Squibb, a twelve year old, attended Saturday afternoon instruction at Rev. Legh Richmond's house. He used the graves in the churchyard and the beauty of nature to teach the children about God. Jane was little noticed until she became sick, then Rev. Richmond decided to visit her constantly. Little Jane's spiritual maturity exhibited an affectionate seriousness and a knowledge of the Scriptures. "He not only called her as a child to show, by a similitude, what conversion means, but he also called her by his grace to be a vessel of mercy, and a living witness of that almighty power and love by which her own heart was turned to God."—Legh Richmond. This extended edition includes rich scenery descriptions and three illustrations. The appendix includes reports of two visits to the Isle of Wight years afterward, one by Dr. James Milnor, D. D.    

Paperback 6x9, 100 pages. link; ISBN  9781935626244