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A Fruitful Life: The Missionary Labors of Stephen Paxson

A Fruitful LifeA Fruitful Life: The Missionary Labors of Stephen Paxson by Belle Paxson Drury.

Missionary Stephen Paxson (1808–1881) worked for The American Sunday-School Union and spread Christianity by organizing over 1300 Sunday-schools on the American frontier. Remarkably, he overcame the h­­uge obstacles of poverty, stammering speech, a lame body, and no formal education.  The many anecdotes of unusual events can only be attributed to God's blessing. This biographical edition includes an introduction, contents and testimonies.

"That we desire to express our high appreciation of his life and work, believing that the grandeur of Christian labor in establishing 1,300 Sunday-schools and the gathering of 80,000 souls into the same is without parallel in the history of individual effort, and his example must stand as a great incentive to all Christians to personal endeavor in our Redeemer's kingdom."—The Congregational Sunday-School Superintendent's Union of Boston (1882).

Paperback, 132 pages. link; ISBN 9781935626183