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Solomon's Temple Spiritualized

Solomon's Temple SpiritualizedSolomon's Temple Spiritualized by John Bunyan.

The use of Solomon's Temple is described as a foreshadow of salvation through Jesus Christ. John Bunyan used his extensive scripture knowledge to detail seventy Old Testament sacrificial elements and relates the commonality of concept with that of the New Testament. This edition is the George Offor text including his introduction and notes. Every part of the building, including the foundation, its altar, its courts, the holy of holies, all the utensils, and the ark, were types of that more glorious system which, in the fulness of time, appeared as the antitype, and perfected the Divine revelation. The temple becomes therefore an object of our special attention as a light to guide us while searching into gospel truths.-George Offor.

Paperback, 132 pages. link; ISBN  9781935626022

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