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  • A Church in the House

    A Church in the House by Matthew Henry.A Church in the House

    Matthew Henry describes how carrying on family devotions is like having a small church in your house. He answers the questions: What is a church in your house? What are the motives and advantages? What are the practical steps? Henry says that “the way of duty is without doubt the way of safety,” because the worship of God in one’s house provides protection and is “the best policy of insurance,” to keep out evil, malice, and mischief.

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  • A Divine and Supernatural Light

    A Divine and Supernatural LightA Divine and Supernatural Light, Immediately Imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God, Shown to Be Both a Scriptural and Rational Doctrine by Jonathan Edwards.

    The sermon was preached by Jonathan Edwards in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1734. Jonathan Edwards explains how the flesh and blood of the natural world differs from the work of the Holy Spirit. He contrasts having an intellectual knowledge of the matters of God, with having supernatural experiential knowledge of the matters of God.

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  • A Farewell Sermon

    A Farewell SermonA Farewell Sermon by Jonathan Edwards.

    Jonathan Edwards was voted out of his congregation in Northampton, Massachusetts, on June 22, 1750, because of his belief that the Lord's Super was not for the unconverted. A Farewell Sermon was preached on July 1, 1750 and addressed of how a pastor cares for his congregation, and how he will meet with them again in heaven at the Judgment when all truth will be known. Jonathan Edwards gives advice and warning to the congregation. He eventually moved to work among the Housatonic Indians at Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

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  • A Sermon on Regeneration

    A Sermon on RegenerationA Sermon on Regeneration by George Whitefield.

    Whitefield explores the doctrine of genuine regeneration and how little it is understood. He warns that "nothing short of a thorough sound conversion will fit thee for the kingdom of heaven." What does it mean to be in Christ and to be a new creature? He explains the reasoning why this must be the case. He explains what practical effects this has in life. "Let each of us therefore seriously put this question to our hearts: Have we received the Holy Ghost since we believed? Are we new creatures in Christ, or no?"

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  • A Strong Rod Broken and Withered

    A Strong Rod Broken and WitheredA Strong Rod Broken and Withered by Jonathan Edwards.

    God's Awful Judgment in the Breaking and Withering of the Strong Rods of a Community, was preached at Northampton, Massachusetts, on the Lord's day, June 26, 1748. The sermon was a memorial to John Stoddard, Jonathan Edwards' maternal uncle. It speaks of the nature and character of leaders who are the strong rods of a community. The "Application" of the sermon describes John Stoddard's superior qualities, ability to reason, and relationships to others. Paperback 5.25X8, 38 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626817.

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  • Baptismal Regeneration

    Baptismal RegenerationBaptismal Regeneration by Charles H. Spurgeon.

    Spurgeon felt strongly against the doctrine that the baptism of an adult or infant can save a soul. The doctrine was found in the Book of Common Prayer and was practiced by the Church of England. He warned that the idea was misleading and people might go to hell because of it. Spurgeon presented certain facts which disputed the doctrine. He also outlined the correct doctrine of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Spurgeon called for the fiery vehemence of a John Knox or Martin Luther to "rouse our hearts to action." The sermon was updated to modern language.

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  • Disputes Reviewed

    Disputes ReviewedDisputes Reviewed by Matthew Henry.

    “Who should be the greatest?” was on the disciples’ minds as they walked along the way. In this sermon about disputes, Matthew Henry preaches on Mark 9:33. The topics include disputes about superiority, not judging others, edifying communication, and being accountable. The reason to avoid disputes is that “It is against the law of humility to covet to be great in this world, and against the law of love to strive who shall be greatest.” Matthew Henry states that there remains “corruption in the hearts even of good people; and shows that pride, ambition, and affectation of worldly honor, are sins that do most easily beset even Christ’s own disciples.” He exhorts readers to humbly contend who shall be the best, who shall be most humble, and stoop lowest, for the good of others; and who shall labor most for the common welfare.

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  • Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God

    Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God by Matthew Henry.Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God

    Matthew Henry, in an exposition of John 14:1: “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me,” makes plain that a person cannot simply believe in God, but must also believe in Jesus Christ. The “natural religion” of belief in God cannot Biblically stand without the revealed religion of Jesus Christ. In the first part he describes the objects of our faith, the Father and the Son. In the second part he shows the acts of our faith in Christ must be the same as our acts of our faith in God. In the third part he shows the necessary connection between believing in God and believing in Jesus Christ.

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  • Free Will—A Slave

    Free Will—A SlaveFree Will—A Slave by Charles H. Spurgeon.

    Spurgeon examines the nature of "free will," and uses the text John 5:40, "You will not come to me, that you might have life." He observes: "The will is well known by all to be directed by the understanding, to be moved by motives, to be guided by other parts of the soul, and to be a secondary thing." He puts forth the Calvinist doctrine that a person cannot come to Christ by their own means, but Christ must come to the person. He expounds on the nature of legal, spiritual and eternal deadness and how people are unable to overcome this by themselves. He then goes on to describe legal, spiritual and eternal life that is in Christ Jesus. The text was updated to modern language.

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  • God Glorified in Man's Dependence

    God Glorified in Man's DependenceGod Glorified in Man's Dependence by Jonathan Edwards.

    God Glorified in the Work of Redemption, by the Greatness of Man's Dependence upon Him in the Whole of It, was preached on the Publick Lecture in Boston, July 8, 1731. (First preached in the fall of 1730 in Northampton.) This Thursday lecture was traditionally held at the First Church of Boston. Jonathan Edwards was 28, and it was to become his first printed sermon. People are dependent on God because of their insufficiency, helplessness, and sinfulness and this sermon explains how God is glorified by this condition. This edition includes the introductory advertisement by Rev. Thomas Prince (Old South Church) and Rev. William Cooper (Brattle Street Church).

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  • Hope and Fear Balanced

    Hope and Fear BalancedHope and Fear Balanced by Matthew Henry.

    Matthew Henry exhorts his readers to balance the concepts of hope and fear, as in Psalm 147:11. Balance a dread of God with a humble delight in him; a trembling for sin balanced with a triumph in Christ; a vigilance of ourselves balanced with a thankful grace; a caution balanced with a confidence; a holy fear of coming short balanced with sense of grace to persevere. Also discussed are the pitfalls prosperity and disappointment that throw off balance, and what to look for.

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  • Jonathan Edwards in the Pulpit: Famous Sermons

    Jonathan Edwards in the PulpitJonathan Edwards in the Pulpit: Famous Sermons by Jonathan Edwards.

    The five sermons of Jonathan Edwards chosen for this edition have shown enduring popularity. A Divine and Supernatural Light contrasts having an intellectual knowledge against having a supernatural experiential knowledge of God. The Justice of God and the Damnation of Sinners is a discourse on why it is just for God to render a harsh judgment.  The Excellency of Christ clarifies the almost contradictory conjunctions of Christ, such as being a lion and a lamb. Heaven, a World of Love shows the glories of heaven and discusses the objects, subjects, and circumstances of love in heaven. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, the best known of Jonathan Edwards' sermons, promotes the seriousness of sin and the mercy of God as the only way to stay out of hell.

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  • On Searching the Scriptures

    On Searching the ScripturesOn Searching the Scriptures by John Newton.

    John Newton gave two sermons “On searching the Scriptures” as found in John 5:39, with the stated purpose to “engage you to search the Scriptures. Remember it is the command of our Lord Jesus Christ; it is the only appointed way to the knowledge of him, whom to know, so as to love, serve, and to obey him, is both the foundation and the sum of our happiness here and hereafter.” Rev. Newton describes requisites to understanding the scriptures, how the scriptures testify about Christ, and the importance of this testimony of Christ.

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  • Self-Deception: Its Nature, Evils and Remedy

    Self-DeceptionSelf-Deception: Its Nature, Evils and Remedy by Jacob Helffenstein.

    These piercing statements apply to Christians because the natural mind is always tending toward deceptive self-righteousness. Also in part he is trying to provoke people who think they are Christians but are “trusting in a refuge of lies,” to reconsider. Some topics are: intellectual assent is not holiness; natural gifts and sentiments are not to be confused with true spiritual life; adopting healthy habits is not necessarily spiritual repentance; and zeal for a cause is not necessarily Christian devotedness. The huge participation rate of all mankind in self-deception should give one pause to reconsider these issues.

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  • Sermons in Candles

    Sermons in CandlesSermons in Candles by Charles H. Spurgeon.

    Candles commonly illuminated homes and churches. Spurgeon presents many different kinds of candles, their accessories, their history and their uses, and teaches a corresponding spiritual lesson. Some examples include: "Grace is like the light of a candle helping those around it," "Bibles which are never read are like lanterns which are never turned on," and "Always put the weaker brother in the place of honor if you can, and thus make the best use of his light." This book is richly illustrated to help explain the concepts.

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  • Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards.

    "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" was preached at the Second Meeting House of the First Church of Christ in Enfield, Massachusetts (which later became part of Connecticut),  July 8th, 1741. Jonathan Edwards lived in Northampton which is about 30 miles north of Enfield. It was preached during a time of great awakenings; and attended with remarkable impressions on many of the hearers. The OBSERVATION of the sermon promotes the seriousness of sin and the mercy of God as the only way to stay out of hell. The APPLICATION  discusses the nature of God's wrath. It is one of Jonathan Edwards most famous sermons.

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  • Songs in the Night

    Songs in the Night by Charles H. Spurgeon.Songs in the Night

    "Songs in the Night" is a poetic phrase from Job 35:10 which describes God's strength given to believers to sing and praise God while in affliction. Spurgeon describes the origin of the songs, the content of the songs, the different qualities of the songs, and how God might use the songs. Spurgeon exhorts us "to carry a smile, for you will cheer up many a poor, wayward pilgrim by it." This is the complete version of this very popular sermon and was updated to modern language. Paperback 8X5.25, 44 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281086

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  • Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven

    Soul IdolatrySoul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven by David Clarkson.

    Learn to recognize the subtle ways that a person's inner life bows down to various false gods. David Clarkson details a list of everyday idols and the worship of them that one can use to detect soul idolatry in their lives. His call is that God is very serious about idols and Christians should be serious as well. This edition is the complete sermon as published by James Nichol in 1864.

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  • Sowing and Reaping

    Sowing and ReapingSowing and Reaping by Dwight L. Moody.

    This book is a practical sermon on Galatians 6:7: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." D. L. Moody has drawn on his extensive travels and speaking engagements to fill this popular sermon with anecdotes of people's lives and how this Biblical principal is exemplified. He covers hopeful expectations and consequences of sowing good seeds, as well as willful ignorance of sowing bad seeds. This sermon is often mentioned as one of D. L. Moody's greatest efforts.

    Paperback 6X9, 106 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626565