Cobwebs and Cables

Cobwebs and CablesCobwebs and Cables by Hesba Stretton.

Roland Sefton fled England mysteriously after he stole 10,00 pounds from his own bank. As time progressed the widely varied effects of this wrongdoing included isolation, ruined lives, shame and death. Toward the end of the story only time, circumstances, forgiveness and the grace of God could heal what had occurred. "He could not unravel the warp and woof of his life. The gossamer threads of the webs he had begun to weave about himself so lightly in the heyday of his youth and prosperity and happiness had thickened into cables and petrified; it was impossible to break through the coil of them or find a way out of it."

Paperback 6X9, 304 pages. link; ISBN 9781935626749