Memoir of Harlan Page

Memoir of Harlan PageMemoir of Harlan Page: The Power of Prayer and Personal Effort for the Souls of Individuals by William Hallock.

Harlan Page (1791–1834) was born in Coventry, Connecticut. He became a Christian at the age of 22. He worked as a teacher and for the American Tract Society. "He had one definite object before him: it was not fame, or family, or ease, or pleasure—but to honor Christ in the salvation of men." "He prayed as if all the efficiency and praise were God's, and labored as if duty were all his own. His sense of dependence threw him on his knees, and his sense of duty summoned him to effort; and prayer and effort, and effort and prayer were the business of his life."  He focused on one individual at a time and had an aggressive inquiry into their lives to know if they were a Christian and if not, to press them to a decision.

Paperback 6X9, 128 pages. link; ISBN 9781935626640