The Star in the East

The Star in the EastThe Star in the East by Claudius Buchanan.

A sermon, preached in the parish church of St. James, Bristol, on Sunday, February 26, 1809, for the benefit of the "Society for Missions to Africa and the East." (On the author's return from India.)

The "Star in the East" refers to the star that the magi followed to find the birthplace of Christ. Rev. Buchanan points to a more modern "Star in the East" consisting of its history, its doctrines and divine power working in the hearts of men of the East. He illuminates these points, calling them a type of "the inextinguishable Light of Christ's religion" and, in this sense, it may be truly said, "We have seen his Star in the East." This famous sermon was instrumental to Adoniram Judson's faith to pursue missionary work in the Far East.

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