Heart Life

Heart LifeHeart Life by Theodore L. Cuyler.

The book includes 28 devotions, with a focus of a fervent heart-walk with God. Rev. Cuyler states that singing a great hymn has potential to significantly change a heart. Affliction should be joined to prayer and then trust in God’s answer: “If it is not best that he lift off your load, he will give you grace to carry it.” Test actions by: “where a Christian would be ashamed to have his Master find him, there he ought never to find himself . . . conscientiously ask God’s blessing on what he is doing, there let that Christian go. He is not likely to wander over the line while walking by this rule.” Rev. Cuyler offers “a few counsels for the right keeping of the heart and the right conduct of the Christian life.”

Paperback 6X9, 106 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626527