Illustrative Notes on The Pilgrim's Progress

Illustrated Notes on the Pilgrim's Progress Illustrative Notes on The Pilgrim's Progress by Thomas Scott.

See also Commentary on The Pilgrim's Progress by Robert Maguire.

Also Commentary on John Bunyan's The Holy War by Robert Maguire.

The illustrative notes of Rev. Thomas Scott were compiled from the footnotes of an edition of "The Pilgrim's Progress" published by John B. Perry in 1855. The notes of that two-part edition have been divided into chapters for easier reference. Each note is introduced with its anchor phrase from the text of the story. This edition also includes Thomas Scott's Preface and Life of John Bunyan. "The Pilgrim's Progress" was one of Scott's favorite books and his extensive notes are sure to help anyone understand the symbolism and nuances of the allegory.

[Thomas Scott's aim is] ". . . fixing the precise meaning of those parts, which might most perplex the inquirer, and which seem to have most escaped notice, or divided the sentiments, of expositors; [and] to state and establish, compendiously but clearly, those doctrinal, practical, and experimental views of Christianity, which Mr. Bunyan meant to convey."

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