Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps: A Memorial

Elizabeth Wooster Stuart PhelpsElizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps: A Memorial by Austin Phelps.

This memorial, written by her husband Austin Phelps, is a biography of Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps (1815–1852). She was born in Andover, Massachusetts and her father, Moses Stuart, was a minister and professor at Andover Theological Seminary. She was educated at Mount Vernon School and lived with and was taught writing by Jacob Abbott. She created stories to tell her sisters and published ten books and many anonymous works. She suffered a cerebral disease for 20 years, which was made an instrument of mental and religious growth. She struggled with God's view of the usefulness of art, because she loved painting. This memorial portrays an intelligent and honest account of a very tender artistic temperament.

Paperback, 108 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626213