The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain

The Shepherd of Salibury PlainThe Shepherd of Salisbury Plain by Hannah More.

David Sanders was a shepherd who tended his flocks on Salisbury Plain, England, during the eighteenth century. Mr. Johnson, who was Hannah More's friend Dr. Stonhouse, found him to be an intriguing man of faith because of his humble and peaceful attitude about life, while having modest material wealth. This true narrative was very popular when written and is filled with the thoughtful insights of a simple man with an old family Bible. He delighted in his occupational counterparts like Moses, David and other shepherds. A quote from the book: "It was to shepherds keeping their flocks by night, that the angels appeared in Bethlehem, to tell the best news, the gladdest tidings, that ever were revealed to poor sinful men; often and often has the thought warmed my poor heart in the coldest night, and filled me with more joy and thankfulness than the best supper could have done."

This edition includes a biography of Hannah More by Henry Johnson, short memoirs of both David Sanders and Dr. Stonhouse, and a letter written by David Sanders. It also includes the short story "'Tis All for the Best," by Hannah More.

Paperback, 128 pages, 7 illustrations. link; ISBN  9780981750552; LCCN  2009943382

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