Parley the Porter

Parley the PorterParley the Porter by Hannah More.

This allegory is a tangible portrayal of the subtle fight against evil all Christians must face. The noblemen of the castle warned the servants to protect the castle and keep the robbers outside. Parley the Porter, a night watchman at the castle, was picked by Mr. Flatterwell, a robber, to be his friend. True to his name, Flatterwell plays upon the vanity of Parley. The warning is not to comprise beliefs and the story shows the results if they are trespassed.
Original title: Parley the Porter, An Allegory, Showing How Robbers without Can Never Get into a House Unless There Are Traitors Within.

Paperback 4X6; 50 pages; 1 illustration; link; ISBN 9781941281840, Vintage Chapbook Series

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