The Claremont Tales

The Claremont TalesThe Claremont Tales: Illustrations of the Beatitudes by A.L.O.E.

Twelve beatitudes are illustrated by twelve stories, one to a chapter. When Lucy Claremont was denied a trip to the fair by her mother, discontent and rebellion took over, but ended in repentance and mourning over her sin. When a blind girl thirsted for knowledge of the Lord, her desires were more than granted. Mercy is shown when a very sick person is carried out of a burning building. A.L.O.E. states: “I have endeavored in the following Tales to convey religious instruction in a form that may prove attractive to the young; to illustrate the character of true Christianity in a series of stories, practically exemplifying the beatitudes.” 

Paperback 6X9, 194 pages; ISBN 9781941281482; link.