• Jessica's First Prayer

    Jessica's First PrayerJessica's First Prayer by Hesba Stretton.

    Jessica, an inquisitive barefoot girl, took an interest in the coffee stall run by Daniel. Following Daniel into a strange building she began an adventure that will change her life. Jessica knows little about God's love, but has an inquisitive mind showing that a person who seeks eventually finds God. This is one of Hesba Stretton's most popular tales, a touching story first published in 1867.

    Paperback, 9 illus., 54 p.; ISBN  9780981750521; LCCN  2008939470; Amazon.com link

  • Cassy

    CasseyCassy by Hesba Stretton.

    Young Cassy set forth from her forest camp alone and made a dear friend of a crippled man. She found employment with a rather odd family in London and met a grandfather convinced he is a character in The Pilgrims Progress. Cassy passionately searched for the truth about God's existence.

    This edition contains the bonus short story "A Man of His Word" by Hesba Stretton.

    Paperback, 7 illus., 155 p., Amazon.com link; ISBN  9780981750545; LCCN  2009939229

  • A Thorny Path

    A Thorny PathA Thorny Path by Hesba Stretton.

    A Thorny Path, the title taken from a German hymn, refers to a life that is not always rosy. Chance meetings, charitable deeds and hardships on London's streets combine into a heartwarming story. We follow a life weary Hagar that made a bad decision because of her extreme circumstances, a woman in whom blossomed spiritual renewal, and a person that modeled the love of Christ. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"-John 15:13.

    Paperback, 134 pages, 9 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626015

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  • Little Meg's Children

    Little Meg's ChildrenLittle Meg's Children by Hesba Stretton.

    Ten year old Meg struggled to take care of the children until father's ship arrived. Over time, their belongings went to the pawnshop. Quite by accident, they met a friendly shopkeeper who fed and employed Little Meg. She developed faith that God answers prayer, and explained life accordingly. Published soon after Jessica's First Prayer, this story became very popular as well. This edition has 13 illustrations. Important Scripture: "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him!"—Matthew 7:11.

    Paperback, 112 pages, 13 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626107

  • Under the Old Roof

    Under the Old Roof by Hesba Stretton.Under the Old Roof

    When Richard, Abigail's husband, died she was left with her son, Gideon. She had worked hard to repurchase the house of her father, the "old roof." When Dick, her stepson, came home he tried to take the house away from Abigail and she is heartbroken. Dick's lack of work ethic brought him low and he was forced to face himself during a severe sickness. Crying out for help he turned toward God for forgiveness. This is a great story, illuminating many issues including inheritance laws, industrious work, forgiveness, and accepting God's providence.

    Paperback (8X5.25),  76 pages, 4 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626121

  • Michel Lorio's Cross

    Michel Lorio's CrossMichel Lorio's Cross by Hesba Stretton.

    Michel Lorio was a lonely Protestant who lived in an isolated Catholic community. Few residents greeted, or bothered with him at all. He found a friendship with the daring and spirited Delphine that brought out the best in him. A similar event was recorded in Miss Stretton's travelogue to Mont St. Michel, which is included in this edition. The travelogue was published in Leisure Hour Magazine in 1873, three years before Michel Lorio's Cross.

    Paperback (8X5.25), 52 pages; Amazon.com link; ISBN 978-1935626114.

  • Her Only Son

    Her Only SonHer Only Son by Hesba Stretton.

    Joanna Fleming packed up her bags to go to London to help raise her son's children. She found him living in a poor hovel in an attic and was astounded. She stayed as she had planned, but the money ran out and events went bad. Through desperation the son's life is brought to a reckoning point. This story is allegorical of Christ's sacrifice for salvation.

    Paperback 8X5.25, 82 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626145

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  • Fern's Hollow

    fh 2 2Fern's Hollow by Hesba Stretton.

    The Fern family lived peaceably in their hollow for two generations. Stephen was a hardworking coal miner and cared for his family. When a miserly landowner told them they must move out, he stood upon his vow to his father. Love for his enemies proved difficult to accomplish. This wonderful story is filled with many Bible verses and spiritual discussions. Five illustrations compliment this edition.

    Paperback 6X9, 5 illustrations, 126 pages. Amazon.com link;ISBN  9781935626329

  • Pilgrim Street

    Pilgrim StreetPilgrim Street: A Story of Manchester Life by Hesba Stretton.

    It was a rainy day in Manchester when little Phil went to the courthouse to try to free his wrongfully accused brother. But the judge told Tom about Jesus and gave him money to start a business. Tom prospered but then trouble developed in several ways. Tom struggled with a Christian religion that was stern obedience, with no grace from Christ. The concept of a loving heavenly father was difficult when all he knew was his natural father. A key Bible verse is Revelation 21:7: "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son."

    Paperback 6X9, 160 pages, 8 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626671

  • Lost Gip

    lg 1 3Lost Gip by Hesba Stretton.

    One stormy night Gip was missing. "Gip" is short for Gipsy because she had dark black eyes and black hair. Sandy continued to search for Gip and made good friends with John and Mrs. Shafto, who became his spiritual mentors. Mr. Shafto, a Scrooge-like character, badly needed a change of heart and is helped by Sandy. A street preacher spoke of Christ seeking those that are lost, which becomes the theme of the story, with John 19:10: "The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. "

    Paperback 6X9, 114 pages, 6 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626688

  • The Children of Cloverley

    coc1 1The Children of Cloverley by Hesba Stretton. A sequel to Fern's Hollow.

    A farm family lived by Lake Heron, during the Civil War. The father left home to fight in the war and the children were sent to Cloverley, England. The life with their cousins in Cloverley is an adjustment with less heavy labor and more education. The coal mining town is out of work until the new shaft is completed, but first the will of God must be trusted. The theme of the story is submission to the will of God in all things. An important verse is Matthew 6:10—"Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven."

    Paperback 6X9, 170 pages, 5 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626718

  • The Crew of the Dolphin

    cotd1 1The Crew of the Dolphin by Hesba Stretton.

    Captain Norcott talked Peter Blake into sailing on his ship, but Peter was concerned about the soundness of the vessel. After the launch it was determined not to be the real Dolphin ship and sailor's lives were dependent upon a business owner whose only concern was to make money. This greediness resulted in many ships and crews being lost for the collection of their insurance, but how can restitution be made? What becomes of the women left behind? An important Bible verse is Isaiah 40:12—"Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?"

    Paperback 6X9, 118 pages, 5 illustrations. Amazon,com link; ISBN 9781935626725

  • Alone in London

    ail1 1Alone in London by Hesba Stretton.

    James Oliver lived alone in London and worked in his newspaper shop. He had an unusually open relationship with Jesus, whom he talked to as a personal friend. One day he found Dolly, a little girl, alone in the shop. Tony, a street boy, had fended for himself and needed a place to sleep at night. These three isolated people came together and formed a family. Tension came between Oliver who wanted to care for the downtrodden, and Aunt Charlotte who wanted to maintain a life of respectability. An important verse is Matthew 25:40: "Inasmuch as ye did it to one of the least of these, ye did it unto me."—Curiosmith (2013).

    Paperback 6X9, 102 pages, 4 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626732

  • Enoch Roden's Training

    Enoch Roden's TrainingEnoch Roden's Training by Hesba Stretton.

    Enoch Roden began his apprenticeship in printing with a bad accident, but as the story progresses, his training becomes more spiritual. Mr. Drury, his boss, trusted in God's provision for his business but when business went bad, it led to confession of his faults. Enoch questioned his attitude of despising God's daily gifts, thinking he was in rebellion like the Israelites. Trusting God's providence when it doesn't seem like He is paying attention is a training many go through. An important verse is Psalm 37:7—"Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him."

    Paperback 6X9, 146 pages, 4 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626756

  • Jessica's Mother (Illustrated)

    Jessica's MotherJessica's Mother by Hesba Stretton.

    In this sequel to "Jessica's First Prayer," Jessica, Daniel and the minister were at the church when a tragedy occurred. Daniel went home and discovered Jessica's mother crouching on his doorsill. She looked like a heap of rags and defiantly demanded Jessica. Daniel grew spiritually closer to God as he sought to know how Jesus might respond. This edition includes the five illustrations from the initial publication of Jessica's Mother in "Sunday at Home" magazine in 1867.

    Paperback 6X9, 62 Pages, 5 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626763

  • Max Krömer

    Max KromerMax Krömer: A Story of the Siege of Strasbourg by Hesba Stretton.

    Max Krömer, a fourteen year old boy, relates the horrors of the Siege of Strasbourg in this work of historical fiction. The actual siege, during the 1870 Franco-Prussian War, consisted of surrounding the city and then bombing and starving the inhabitants, until they surrendered. In this story, Max and his sister Sylvie, went to their grandmother's house in Strasbourg while their father traveled. It was quite unknown to them they would have to endure six weeks of "the dreadful noise of the war." They looked to God for answers. An important verse is John 14:18—I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you."

    Paperback 6X9, 88 pages, 8 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626770

  • Cobwebs and Cables

    Cobwebs and CablesCobwebs and Cables by Hesba Stretton.

    Roland Sefton fled England mysteriously after he stole 10,00 pounds from his own bank. As time progressed the widely varied effects of this wrongdoing included isolation, ruined lives, shame and death. Toward the end of the story only time, circumstances, forgiveness and the grace of God could heal what had occurred. "He could not unravel the warp and woof of his life. The gossamer threads of the webs he had begun to weave about himself so lightly in the heyday of his youth and prosperity and happiness had thickened into cables and petrified; it was impossible to break through the coil of them or find a way out of it."

    Paperback 6X9, 304 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626749

  • No Place Like Home

    No Place Like HomeNo Place Like Home by Hesba Stretton.

    Ruth Medway, a Christian mother, brooded over her eight children who had left home.  Ishmael, her beloved ninth child, took the schoolmistress' daughter to a cave and roasted some wild eggs. The unusual consequences of this event shaped his life greatly. "Where can we find a home again, mother?" he asked at last; "there's no place like home." "Up there!" she said, lifting her dim eyes to the great sky above them; "if God gives us no other home here in this world, He's got one ready there for thee and me." "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father's house are many mansions; I go to prepare a place for you."—John 14:1, 2.

    Paperback 6X9, 60 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626855

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  • The Christmas Child

    tcc1 1The Christmas Child by Hesba Stretton.

    Miss Priscilla Parry, a fiercely independent woman, lived on a farmstead and helped to raise her two nieces. Inspired by the Biblical Christmas story, the children Rhoda and Joan had a habit of visiting their barn manger every Christmas to look for a child. One day Rhoda mysteriously disappeared and a search began. This story's spiritual theme is to forgive when it is hard to forgive. Luke 11:4—"And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us." This edition includes four color illustrations by Kate Street.

    Paperback 6X9, 44 pages, 4 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626923

  • Bede's Charity

    Bede's CharityBede's Charity by Hesba Stretton.

    When Margery Bede stayed at home to care for her father and brother Stephen, she sacrificed all hope of marriage. Her father died, Stephen went off to Australia, and Margery moved to London where she poured her life into raising Cor, a street boy. Broken-hearted Margery gave her life to others but was left alone and unappreciated. The story's theme is maintaining faith and joy in the midst of disappointment. A quote from the book: "I cannot be anything but happy," I said, "because I believe the Lord Christ has given me the right and the power to become one of the daughters of the Lord God almighty; and there never was a father, even a king upon his throne, who cares for his children as my heavenly Father cares for me. Could I be anything else but happy and at peace."

    Paperback 6X9, 182 pages, 4 illustrations. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281000