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Christ Formed in the Soul

Christ Formed in the Soul: The Only Foundation of Hope for EternityChrist Formed in the Soul: The Only Foundation of Hope for Eternity by Philip Doddridge.

“Christ Formed in the Soul” is a sermon giving a description what constitutes true faith and a warning about falling into superficial belief. Also included are three selections from “Rise and Progress of the Soul”: “Self-Dedication to God”–A prayer of consecration; “Do I Grow in Grace?”—Is God working to advance my faith? and “The Well Spent Day”–Tips on how to spend your day. Also “Family Worship,”–the importance of family devotions; which is extracted from a letter “A Plain and Serious Address to the Master of a Family” Northampton Dec. 20, 1749.

Paperback 8X5.25, 108 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145215


Dying Testimony of Believers and Unbelievers

William Brownlee states: “We should not separate the consistent life of godliness from the dying testimony of the saints.” Included are numerous testimonies of the “cheering prospects” of dying and going to be with Christ. William Brownlee compiled short paragraphs of the last words of many famous people, both unbelievers and saints, both martyred and those dying a natural death. Saints in their last days witness to the hope of a gloriously bright future with exciting experiences of the unspeakable love of God and His presence.

Paperback 8X5.25, 74 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145222


An Appeal to the Patriot

An Appeal to the Patriot by William Brownlee.An Appeal to the Patriot

William Brownlee wrote this treatise to explain how a good and just society cannot exist on the basis of laws alone but only by the fear of God in the hearts of its people. Court judges and juries, the armed forces and the free press all need to have virtue and morality to work properly and benefit society. “But this cannot be done, unless men in public employment be rendered honorable, just, and pure. And such virtues cannot exist, in the solidity of a persevering principle, without strict virtue and the fear of God in the heart.” “The human system of morality, drawn up by the wise and the learned, can never communicate the principle of spiritual life; and from the days of Socrates to our times, it never has done it.” “God only can quicken us, who are dead.”

Paperback 8X5.25, 50 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145239


Resolutions: A Collection of Wisdom

Resolutions: A Collection of Wisdom by Jonathan Edwards,Resolutions: A Collection of Wisdom Cotton Mather, Philip Doddridge, Adoniram Judson, William Law and Brother Lawrence.

“These resolutions [of Jonathan Edwards], are, perhaps, to persons of every age, but especially to the young, the best uninspired summary of Christian duty, the best directory to high attainments in evangelical virtue, which the mind of man has hitherto been able to form,” said S. E. Dwight. Cotton Mather thought to develop special rules for pride alone. Philip Doddridge was sensible that his heart had an inclination to depart from God. Brother Lawrence said “to establish ourselves in a sense of God’s presence by continually conversing with Him.” Adoniram Judson said, “God grant me grace to keep the above rules, and ever live to his glory, for Jesus Christ’s sake.” The resolutions allow one to see examples of the life of holiness that the Spirit of God enables Christians to follow.

Paperback 8X5.25, 138 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145253


William Cowper's Olney Hymns (Hardcover)

William Cowper's Olney Hymns (Hardcover)William Cowper's Olney Hymns (Hardcover) by William Cowper.

These hymns were written in Olney, England and were originally published in 1779. This collection includes William Cowper's 68 Olney hymns, and twelve other sacred works. All of Cowper's most loved hymns are found here: God Moves in Mysterious Ways, There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood, and O for a Closer Walk with God. This edition also contains a brief biographical sketch of William Cowper by Rev. Henry Stebbing, A. M. (1799-1883). All Bible references are full text. In order to be faithful to William Cowper's original intentions, hymn text will be uniform with the wording, punctuation, contractions and stanza formatting of the Olney Hymns first edition published by W. Oliver in 1779. Visit the Olney city photos page.

Paperback 6X9; 126 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145260 (Hardcover)

$9.95 Paperback

Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns

Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns by Sarah Doudney.Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns

This collection contains all 51 poems from Sarah Doudney’s “Psalms of Life” together with 115 poems and hymn lyrics never before collected from nineteenth century periodicals such as “The Sunday Magazine,” “Good Words Magazine,” “Littell’s Living Age” and others. Included are all her poems that have become favorites: “The Lesson of the Water-Mill,” a very popular poem; “The Christian's Goodnight,” sung at Charles Spurgeon’s funeral; “The Hardest Time of All,” an often quoted poem; “Between the Lights,” reflections between the sunset and moonrise, and “Some Words,” about the power of words. R. H. Barnes wrote in the Preface: “The highest aspiration of the writer will, I know, be attained, if any words of hers shall minister comfort to the sorrowing, hope to the downcast, and strength to the weary.”

Paperback 6X9, 256 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145246


The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts

The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts by Isaac Watts.The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts

Isaac Watts, the celebrated hymn writer, was a dynamic man that thought across many disciplines. This book is a collection of over 120 excerpts from twelve different books Isaac Watts authored. Included are passages from “Improvement of the Mind,” “Doctrine of Passions,” “Logic,” “Strength and Weakness of Human Reason,” “World to Come,” and seven other of his works. Also included is “Advice to a Young Man.” This collection is excellent way to become familiar with the writings and thinking of Isaac Watts.

Paperback 6X9, 154 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145277


Facts in Aid of Faith

Facts in Aid of Faith by Enoch F. Burr.Facts in Aid of Faith

Rev. Burr explains thirteen defenses that support the truth of the Christian faith. His topics include the honest authentic truth that the Bible intuitively has; the absence of conflict between the many different Biblical authors; the honest answers for weaknesses; lives have been changed in a strong positive sense; and the Bible is accepted by great intelligent men. This is a book for the skeptic, but food for thought for the believer as well.

Paperback 8X5.25, 50 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145116.


The Forgiveness of Sin As a Debt

The Forgiveness of Sin As a Debt by Mathew Henry.The Forgiveness of Sin As a Debt

 Matthew Henry presents a rigorous treatment of the Gospel, describing sin as a debt, as found in Matthew 6:12. He says: “This similitude, which represents sin as a debt, and the pardon of sin as the forgiving of that debt, our Saviour often used: and it is a proper one, and very significant.” This first part answers the questions of how we are in debt to God, what kind of debt sin is, what kind of debtors sinners are, and the danger of these debts. The second part covers what is included in the forgiveness of sin as a debt, why we have hope for it, and what is required of us. The third part gives six applications. This hard to find sermon is sure to interest anyone looking into the heart of Christianity.

Paperback 8X5.25, 72 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145086


Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God

Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God by Matthew Henry.Faith in Christ Inferred from Faith in God

Matthew Henry, in an exposition of John 14:1: “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me,” makes plain that a person cannot simply believe in God, but must also believe in Jesus Christ. The “natural religion” of belief in God cannot Biblically stand without the revealed religion of Jesus Christ. In the first part he describes the objects of our faith, the Father and the Son. In the second part he shows the acts of our faith in Christ must be the same as our acts of our faith in God. In the third part he shows the necessary connection between believing in God and believing in Jesus Christ.

Paperback 8X5.25, 72 pages, link, ISBN 9781946145123