More, Hannah

Hannah MoreHANNAH MORE (1745-1833) was born in Stapleton, Bristol, England. Her father was a school headmaster and she had four outgoing sisters. She had three failed engagements to the same man Edward Turner, who settled with an annuity for her trouble, and she remained unmarried. Early in her life she was interested in the theater and wrote plays. Dr. James Stonhouse (also the vicar in Shepherd of Salisbury Plain) introduced her to David Garrick, a theater owner, who produced her work in the theater.

For six years her fashionable social life grew to include many important people, but when it lost its appeal she turned to religion. Dr. James Stonhouse is credited with Hannah More’s spiritual awakening, but it was John Newton’s influence that gave energy and devotion to her spiritual walk, and she became a strong Evangelical Christian. Education was a strong theme in her life and William Wilberforce encouraged her to start schools for the education and moral advancement of poor village children.

To counteract immoral forces in society, Hannah More, her sister Sarah, and others wrote a series of successful chapbooks called the “Cheap Repository Tracts.” These included the “Shepherd of Salisbury Plain” and many other colorful tales.

She was also active with a group called the “Clapham Sect” that met at Henry Thornton’s huge house in Clapham. They included William Wilberforce, Henry Venn, James Stephen, Zachary McCauley, Thomas Gisborne, and Charles Grant. They met to affect the reformation of society.

The last part of her life was at Barley Wood, where she continued her goals of education and moral improvement. She had a vast social circle and wrote a multitude of letters. Her talent for writing also produced many books of drama, poetry, hymns, fiction and religious instruction.

Curiosmith features:

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The Book of Private Devotion: A Series of Prayers and Mediations


Here and There; or This World and the Next (online in entirety)

The Puppet Show. (online in entirety)

Dan and Jane, or Faith and Works, A Tale (online in entirety)

The Two Gardeners. (online in entirety)

The Lady and the Pie; or, Know Thyself. (online in entirety)

The Plum Cakes; or, The Farmer and His Three Sons. (online in entirety)

Turn the Carpet; or, The Two Weavers. (online in entirety)

The Foolish Traveler, or A Good Inn Is a Bad Home (online in entirety)

The Impossibility Conquered. (online in entirety)

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Robert and Richard; or, the Ghost of Poor Molly, Who Was Drowned in Richard's Mill Pond. (online in entirety)

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The Riot; or, Half a Loaf Is Better than No Bread, etc.. (online in entirety)

Patient Joe. (online in entirety)

The Gin-Shop; or, A Peep into a Prison (online in entirety)


Other books, repository tales, stories, plays and poems she wrote:

  • Ballads
  • Bas Bleu (The)
  • Belshazzar
  • Bible Rhymes
  • Black Slave
  • Bleeding Rock (The)
  • Bonner’s Ghost
  • Christian Morals
  • Coelebs in Search of a Wife
  • Daniel
  • David and Goliath
  • Epitaphs
  • Essay on the Character and Practical Writings of St. Paul
  • Estimate of the Religion of the Fashionable World
  • Fatal Falsehood (The)
  • Florio
  • Grand Assizes (The); or, General Jail Delivery.
  • Heroic Epistle to Sally Horne
  • Hints Toward Forming the Character of a Princess
  • History of a School Girl (The)
  • Hymns
  • Inflexible Captive (The), A Tragedy
  • Miscellaneous Poems
  • Modern Sketches
  • Moral Sketches of Prevailing Opinions and Manners, Foreign and Domestic
  • Moses in the Bulrushes
  • Ode to Garrick’s House Dog
  • On Female Education
  • Patient Joe, or, the Newcastle Collier.
  • Percy
  • Pleasing Recollections
  • Practical Piety
  • Reflections of King Hezekiah
  • Reflections on Prayer
  • Remarks on Mr. Dupont’s Speech
  • Sacred Dramas
  • Search After Happiness (The), a Pastoral Drama
  • Sensibility
  • Servant Man Turned Soldier (The); or, the Fair Weather Christian, etc.
  • Sir Eldred of the Bower
  • Spirit of Prayer (The)
  • Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education
  • Tales in Verse
  • Thoughts on the Manners of the Great
  • Tragedies
  • Two Wealthy Farmers (The), or, the History of Mr. Bragwell. (7 Parts)
  • Village Politics.
  • White Slave Trade