Whately, Mary Louisa

Mary Louisa Whately (1824-1889). Second daughter of Archbishop Whately; went to Cairo for her health in 1861 and established there a school for the education of Moslem children, which has been very successful.

"Everyone who goes to Cairo sees or hears of Miss Whately, who has devoted herself to the self-imposed task of Christianizing the Christians and Moslems of that city and of Egypt at large... . She has already told some of her experiences in 'Ragged Life in Egypt.' . . . Her records are more valuable than those of the paid missionary, because they afford lively pictures of the real difficulties encountered, and the small success obtained from the disbursement of enormous sums of money."—Ath. No. 2299.


  • 1. Among the Huts in Egypt: Scenes from Real Life.
  • 2. A Memoir of Mansoor Shakoor of Lebanon.
  • 3. Letters from Egypt to Plain Folks at Home.
  • 4. (Ed.) The Prism; Unequally Yoked; Life in a Swiss Chalet; From Darkness to Light, Ac, [verse.] By Mary L. Whately and Two Members of her Family
  • 5. Lost in Egypt: a Story from Life.
  • 6. Scenes from Life at Cairo: Glimpses behind the Curtain.
  • 7. Peasant Life on the Nile.


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