Everett-Green, Evelyn

Pseudonym is Cecil Adair.

Evelyn Everett-Green (1856-1932)

Miss Everett-Green has long been known and appreciated as a practiced and skilled writer, and while many of her tales are especially suited for girls, they will also be read with profit and interest by adults.—The Religious Tract Society (1908).


  • Alwyn Ravendale
  • Barbara's Brothers
  • Child without a Name (A)
  • College and the Grange (The)
  • Conscience of Robert Trehern (The)
  • Cuthbert Conningsby: A Sequel to Maud Kinglake's Collect
  • Dodo, an Ugly Little Boy; or, Handsome is that Handsome Does
  • Dulcie's Little Brother
  • Dulsie and Tottie: The Story of an Old Fashioned Pair
  • Eversley Secrets (The)
  • Faith of Hilary Lovel (The)
  • Head of the House (The): The Story of a Victory over Passion and Pride
  • Heiress of Wylmington (The)
  • Her Husband's Home; or, The Durleys of Linley Castle
  • His Mother's Book
  • Joint Guardians
  • Lady Temple's Grandchildren
  • Last of the Dacres (The)
  • Lenore Annadale's Story
  • Little Lady Clare
  • Marcus Stratford's Charge; or, Roy's Temptation
  • Mistress of Lydgate Prioy (The): The Story of a Long Life
  • Mr. Hatherley's Boys
  • Our Winne; or, When the Swallows Go
  • Percivals (The)
  • Ruthven of Ruthven
  • Temple's Trial; or, For Life and Death
  • Torwood's Trust: A Novel; 3 volumes
  • True to Himself; or, My Boyhood's Hero
  • Two Enthusiasts
  • Two London Homes; or, Marjorie and Muriel
  • Uncle Roger; or, A Summer of Surprises
  • Vera's Trust: a Tale
  • Winning the Victory; or, Di Pennington's Reward