Knight, Helen C.

Born Helen Caroline Cross, on March 5, 1814, in Portland, Maine. She married Deacon Daniel Knight who died in 1866 being 65 years old. She was an editor of the Child's Paper (a monthly periodical of the ATS), was a member of the Portsmouth History Club and president of The Woman's Board of Mission in New Hampshire for eight years. She wrote religious biography, history and fiction. She died in her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on November 12, 1906. She was 92 years old.


Curiosmith features: Golden Threads: Selected Stories


Books and Stories by Helen C. Knight:

A New Memoir of Hannah More or Life in Hall and Cottage.

Africa Redeemed.

Anne Allen.

Annie Sherwood or Scenes at School.

City Cousins: A Sequel to Annie Sherwood.

Flowers of Springtime; Stories for Boys and Girls.

Golden Threads.Golden Threads

Hugh Fisher or Home Principals Carried Out.

Jane Hudson, the American Girl or Exert Yourself.

Jane Taylor.

Jasper and Lucy.

Johnny or How a Little Boy Learned to Be Wise and Good.

Kenny's Mills or The Earnest Worker.

Kitty King a Kitten.

Kitty King and the Eye.

Lady Huntington and Her Friends.

Life of James Montgomery.

Life Of John Bunyan.

Life Scenes.

Missionary Cabinet.

My Early Home and Other Tales.

No Gains without Pains: A True Life For Boys.

Pictorial Alphabet.

Reuben Kent at School or Influence As It Should Be.

Reuben Kent's First Winter in the City.

Richard Harvey or Taking a Stand.

Robert Dawson or The Brave Spirit.

Saw Up and Saw Down or The Fruits of Industry and Self Reliance.

Spare Moments and Other Stories.

Taking a Stand.

The Beautiful Garment and Other Stories.

The Loss of the Atlantic.

The New Republic.

The Rocket or The Story of Stephensons or Puffing Billy.

The Valley of Decision or Divine Teachings in a Boarding School.

Whispers and Wishes. Whispers of the Old and Wishes for the New Year.