Tyree, Cornelius

CORNELIUS TYREE (1814–1891) was born in Amherst, Virginia. At nineteen he  was baptized and joined the Mount Moriah Baptist Church. He attended William and Mary College and Columbian College. After pastoring many churches, in 1845 he moved to Powhatan County and ministered for 27 years. He then moved his pastorate to Liberty, Virginia for 12 years. After this he moved to Salem and closed his life of 52 years in the Baptist ministry.

In 1841 he married Sophia H. Puliam.

In 1871 Coumbian Colloge conferred on him the Doctotate of Divinity Degree.

After falling from his wagon, he was bedridden with broken ribs. In response to a contest, he rewrote a series of sermons on Colossians 1:19. This later became the book "The Glorious Sufficiency of Christ."

The sermon "The Moral Power of a Religious Life" was expanded into a book called "The Living Epistle." This work was subsequently published under different names.


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The Glorious Sufficiency of Christ


Booklist for Cornelius Tyree:

  • Baptism and Restricted Communion.
  • Believe and Live.
  • Benefits of Affliction (The). A sermon on occasion of the death of General Philip St. George Cocke.
  • Close Communion, Scriptural and Essential to the Prosperity of Baptist Churches.
  • Glorious Sufficiency of Christ (The)
  • Living Epistle (The); or, The Moral Power of a Religious Life.
  • Two Discourses on the Design, Mode and Subjects of Christian Baptism.