Silke, Louisa C.

LOUISA CAROLINE SILKE was born in 1841 in Bristol, England. In 1851, she is 10 years old, living with her sister Amy, at a boarding house in Bristol. In 1861, she is living with her mother Caroline. Her father, Edward, died when she was young. Her occupation is listed as authoress in 1881, living in Broadwater, England. Still in Broadwater in 1891, unmarried and living with several other women. She died in 1914 in Tonbridge, England.

Other names: L. C. Silke, Louisa Silke, Louisa C. Silke


Curiosmith features:

A Hero in the Strife: A Tale of the Seventeenth Century


Books and Stories by Louisa C. Silke:

A Blessing in Disguise

A Hero in the Strife

Bravely Borne; or, Archie's Cross.

Cousin Margaret.

Dick's strength, and How He Gained It.

Hugh's Heroism.

In Mischief Again.

Little Queen Mab. [A tale.]

Loving Service; or St. Hilary's Workmen's Home.

Margaret Somerset: an historical tale.

Minnie's Christmas.

Nelly's Champion.

Nora's Stronghold.

Ravensdale Castle.

Ruth's Task.

School Life at Bartram's. [A tale.]

Seared Leaves.

Shag and Doll, and other stories.

Sharpe's Cottage.

Steadfast and True: a tale of the Huguenots.

Sunshine After Rain.

Surly Bob. [A tale.]

Tried in the Fire. [A tale.]

Turning Points, or Two Years in Maud Vernon's Life.

Two Little Rooks. [A story.]



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