Charlesworth, Maria Louisa

Maria Louisa Charlesworth (1819–1880) was born near Ipswich, England.  She was the daughter of Rev. John Charlesworth, a well known rector of a London church. She was taught early to care for the poor of her father's parish. After her father's death her home became Elmsett in Suffolk. Ministering Children was her best-selling book.

Curiosmith features:

Ministering Children; A Tale Dedicated to Childhood.


Father – Rev. John Charlesworth (1782-1864).

Brother – Rev. Samuel Beddome Charlesworth of Limehouse.

Brother – Edward Parker Charlesworth, physician.

Brother – Rev. John Charlesworth, ordained but died early.

Sister – Elizabeth (Libby) Susan Charlesworth. She married Edward Byles Cowell, professor of Sanskrit. She wrote "Leaves of Memory."

Books by Maria Louisa Charlesworth:

    Africa's Mountain Valley; or, The Church in Regent's Town, West Africa

    Beautiful Home, and Other Letters to a Child

    Blind Basket-maker and His Little Daughter (The)

    Blind Man's Child (The)

    Book for the Cottage (A); or, The History of Mary and Her family.

    Broken Looking Glass (The); or, Mrs. Dorothy Cope's Recollections of Service

    Charley and Edith; or, How Two Selfish Children Were Made a Blessing to a Lame Boy

    Cottage and Its Visitor (The)

    Eden and Heaven

    England's Yeomen: from Life in the Nineteenth Century

    Female Visitor to the Poor (The); Records of Female Parochial Visiting

    Heavenly Counsel in Daily Portions: Readings on the Gospel of St. Matthew: Being Notes from Bible Classes

    Herbert; or, True Charity

    India and the East; or, A voice from Zenana

    Last Command (The) before He Suffered: Plain Teaching on the Lord's Supper

    Letters to a Child

    Letters to a Friend Under Affliction

    Light of Life (The)

    Little Jane; and Other Tales

    Little Sue and Her Friends

    Ministering Children: A Sequel

    Ministering Children: A Tale Dedicated to Children.

    Ministry of Life (The)

    Nurse Brame: or, How a Cold Heart Was Warmed by Learning to Care for Others.

    Old Looking-Glass (The); or, Mrs. Dorothy Cope's Recollections of Service

    Oliver of the Mill: A Tale

    Rose, the Ministering Child

    Ruth and Little Jane; or, Blossoms of Grace

    Ruth and Patience

    Sabbath Given (The); The Sabbath Lost

    Sailor's Choice; or, Little Lenny's Friends on Shore

    Sunday Afternoons in the Nursery, or Familiar Narratives from the Book of Genesis

    They Two, or, Elijah and Elisha

    Where dwellest Thou? or, The Inner Home