Leslie, Emma

Other names: Mrs. Dixon, Emma Dixon, Emma Boultwood, nom de plume "Emma Leslie."

Emma Boultwood (1838–1909) was born in Greenwich, Kent, England. She was an Infant School Governess in her twenties. She began writing using the name Emma Leslie, and was published in 1863. She had a sister named Harriet Boultwood who wrote many stories as well. In 1872, she married Thomas Francis Dixon, a clerk. In 1874, they had a son named Harold Leslie Dixon, who was an electrical engineer and went on to found Leslie Dixon and Co. She wrote Christian books and historical fiction and many were published by the Religious Tract Society.

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Esther's Regret


Inscription on her tombstone: (From Genuki at St. Mary's Church.)

Emma Dixon of Lewisham, Kent, died 3.12.1909 aged 70 years. A friend to the poor. As Emma Leslie she wrote many widely read books .


  • Father – Thomas – bootmaker and beer retailer.
  • Mother – Emma
  • Brother – Alfred Thomas
  • Sister – Louisa
  • Sister – Harriet – author
  • Brother – George Matthew
  • Sister – Elizabeth – millinery
  • Brother – Arthur
  • Husband – Thomas Francis Dixon – clerk
  • Son -  Harold Leslie Dixon – electrical engineer and founder of Leslie Dixon and Co.
  • Son – Earnest E. L.


Books and stories by Emma Leslie:

  • A Slip at Starting; or, Johnny's First Place
  • Arthur Egerton's Ordeal
  • At the Sign of the Blue Boar: a Story of Charles II.'s Reign
  • Breaking the Fetters; or, The Last of the Galley-Slaves
  • By Little and Little: a Tale of the Spanish Armada
  • Captives (The)
  • Caught in the Toils: a Story of a Convent School
  • Cecily: a Tale of the English Reformation
  • Chained Book (The): a Story of the Days of Henry VIII.
  • Constancia's Household: a Story of the Spanish Reformation
  • Crissy's Little Mother
  • Daybreak in Italy
  • Dearer than Life: a Story of the Times of Wycliffe
  • Edward's Conquest, and other Tales
  • Eliza Metcalfo's Basket; or, Policy, not Principle
  • Elsie's Dowry: a Tale of the Franco-German War
  • Esther's Regret
  • Ferryman's Family (The); or, Daisy Hope's Fortune
  • George's Temptation
  • Gipsy Queen (The)
  • Gold Bracelet (The) by Emma Boultwood
  • Gytha's Message: a Tale of Saxon England
  • Harry Lawley and his Maiden Aunts
  • Harry Lawley and his Maiden Aunts
  • Hayslope Grange: a Tale of War
  • Hermit of Livry (The): a Tale of the Days of Calvin
  • Hidden Seed; or, A Year in a Girl's Life
  • How the Strike began: A Story for Girls
  • Kate's Ordeal
  • Lost Baby (The): A Story of the Flood
  • Magic Runes: A Talc of the Times of Charlemagne
  • Margaret's Journal; or, Steps Upward
  • Marion and Augusta; and A Life Lesson by L. E. Dobree
  • Martyr's Victory (The): A Tale of Danish England
  • Milly's Errand; or, Saved to Save
  • Only a Little Fault
  • Orphan and Foundling; or, Alone in the World
  • Percy Raydon; or, Self-Conquest
  • Pretty Miss Hathaway
  • Sailor's Lass (The)
  • Saved by Love: A Story of London Streets
  • Saxby: a Tale of the Commonwealth Time
  • Shucks: a Story for Boys
  • Squire Lynne's Will
  • Stories from French History
  • Sunbeam Susette
  • Teddy's Dream; or, A Little Sweep's Mission
  • That Vulgar Girl
  • Through Stress and Strain
  • Tom Morris's Error, and other Stories
  • Tom Perry's Venture
  • Tom the Boater
  • Tom Watkins' Mistake
  • Trial and Trust; or, Ellen Morden's Experience
  • Water Waifs: a Story of Canal-Barge Life