Calamy, Edmund the Elder

Edmund Calamy (1600-1666) the Elder was born in Walbrook, England. He was educated at Cambridge where he received his B. A., M. A. and B. D. degrees. He was a puritan advocate of reform of the church of England. He served at the church in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk and then in 1639, St. Mary Aldermanbury, in London, until 1662, when ejected for nonconformity. Imprisonment followed. He died shortly after the distress of the London fire.


Curiosmith feartures:

Poor Joseph. (Free)


Sermons and books published by Edmund Calamy:

1. England's Looking-glasse.

2. God's Free Mercy to England.

3. The Nobleman's Patterne of Thankfulnesse.

4. England's Antidote Against the Plague of the Civil Warre.

5. An Indictment Against England because of her Selfe-murdering Divisions.

6. The Door of Trvth Opened.

7. The Great Danger of Covenant-refusing.

8. A Just and Necessary Apology.

9. The Saints' rest.

10. The Monster of Sinful Self-seeking Anatomized.

11. The Doctrine of the Bodies Frugality.

12. The Godly Man's Ark.

13. A Patterne for All.

14. A Sermon . . . at the Funeral of the Lady Anne Waller.

15. The Fixed Saint, A Farwell Sermon.

16. A Sermon . . . at Aldermanbury Church, Dec. 28, 1662.

17. The Art of Divine Meditation.

18. The Sermon on the Resurrection of the Dead in 'Morning Exercises at St. Giles, Cripplegate.' 1676.

19. A Leading Case.




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