Schmid, Christoph von

Also called: Johann Christoph von Schmid (British Library), sometimes seen as "Christopher von Schmidt" in book ads.

Christoph von Schmid (1768-1854) was born at Dinkelsbühl, Germany, Bavaria. He studied theology at Dillington, and was an ordained priest. He served as assistant in different parishes and then was placed as head over a large school in Thannhausen on the Mindel. He then wrote many children's stories in German that have been translated into English.


Curiosmith features:

The Basket of Flowers


Books and Stories by Christoph von Schmid:

Basket of Flowers (The)

Best Inheritance

Birds Nest (The)

Boy and the Man (The)

Cakes (The)

Canary Bird (The)

Captive (The)

Carrier Pigeon (The)

Cherries (The)

Christian Warrior (The): A tale

Christmas Eve and Other Tales

Daisy (The)

Dumb Girl (The)

Easter Eggs (The)

Fire in the Sky

Forget-me-not (The)

Honesty the Best Policy; or, The Hop Blossoms: A Tale for the Young

Inheritance (The)

Lamb (The)

Little Daniel: A Story of a Flood on the Rhine

Little Hermit (The); or, The German Robinson Crusoe

Little Lamb (The)

Little Scholar's First Step in Reading (The)

Lost Ruby (The)

Madonna (The)

Nightingale (The); or, A Kind Act is Never Lost

Orphan Child (The); or, The Story of Little Sophia

Paulina, The Foundress of an Infant School: A Tale

Pet Lamb (The); or, the Little Strawberry Girl

Redbreast (The)

Rosa of Linden Castle

Rose-bush (The)

Stolen Child (The)

White Dove (The)

Young Artist (The): A Story of Christmas Eve