Paxson, Stephen

Stephen Paxson (1808–1881) was born in New Lisbon, Ohio. He married Sarah Pryor in 1830 and moved to Virginia, then after to Winchester, Illinois. They built a cabin in the woods, called Hickory Hill. He then worked as a missionary for The American Sunday-School Union and spread Christianity by organizing over 1300 Sunday-schools on the American frontier. He not only organized Sunday-schools in simple frontier towns (some without a church), but also organized large Sunday-school conventions.Remarkably, he overcame the huge obstacles of poverty, stammering speech, a lame body, and no formal education.  In the biography there are many anecdotes of unusual events can only be attributed to God's blessing.



Father – Joseph Paxson

Mother - Mary Lestor

Wife - Sarah Pryor, married in 1830.


His biography - A Fruitful Life, by his daughter Belle Paxson Drury.