Walton, O. F.

Other names: Amy Catherine Walton,  Amy Catherine Deck.

Update: another author whose name is Amy Walton (1848–1899) is often confused with O. F. Walton in books and lists across the internet. Generally speaking O. F. Walton (1849-1939) was published by Religious Tract Society and Amy Walton (1848–1899) was published by Blackie & Sons or Chambers.

AMY CATHERINE DECK (1849-1939) was born in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England. She married Octavius Frank Walton (1844-1933), in 1875, whom she adopted as her pen name. Her first book was My Mates and I, published in 1870. They went to Jerusalem in 1875 to 1879 and lived on Mount Zion. She published her much loved A Peep Behind the Scenes, in 1877. She lived in Cally in Scotland 1879 to 1883. From 1883 to 1893 Octavius obtained the living of St. Thomas', York. In 1893 to 1906 they moved to Wolverhampton, St. Judes. In 1906 they lived out their lives in Leigh, Kent.

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O. F. Walton Books and Stories:

  • Angel's Christmas
  • Audrey; or, Children of Light
  • Christie, the King's Servant
  • Christie's Old Organ; or, "Home, Sweet Home"
  • Doctor Forester
  • Elisha, The Man of Abel-Meholah
  • Four Little Preachers (The). A New Year's Address to Sunday Scholars
  • Golden Threads for Life's Weaving: Text Meditation, Verse for each Morning and Evening of the Week
  • King's Cup-Bearer (The)
  • Launch the Life-boat!
  • Little Dot
  • Little Faith; or, The Child Of The Toy Stall
  • Lost clue (The)
  • My Little Corner: a Book for Cottage Homes
  • My mates and I
  • Mysterious House (The)
  • Nemo; or, The Wonderful Door
  • Nobody Loves Me
  • Olive's Story: I. Life at Ravenscliffe, II. Olive's School Days
  • Our Gracious Queen: Jubilee Pictures and Stories from Her Majesty's Life
  • Our Home In Heaven; or Echoes from Christie's Old Organ (John Blucher Wheeler)
  • Peep Behind the Scenes (A)
  • Pieces of Silver
  • Poppy's Presents
  • Saved at Sea: A Lighthouse Story
  • Shadows: Scenes and Incidents in the Life of an Old Arm-chair
  • Taken or Left
  • Unbeaten Paths In Sacred Story
  • Was I Right?
  • Winter's Folly
  • Whiter than Snow